Thursday, March 13, 2008

14 SEO Tips For Video Marketing Beginners

By Luis Galarza - Affiliate Marketing Secret Training Guide Blog

Is SEO or Search Engine Optimization Part Of Your Online Video Marketing Strategies? Well, It Should Be! If Your Videos Are Not Optimize For The Search Engines, You Are Wasting Your Marketing Efforts!

Did you know that on the Internet are many marketers that are using online video sharing social networks like YouTube, Revver,, and others, but only a small amount of them are optimizing their videos to gain web traffic from natural search engine results. The other day one of my clients called me to talk about video marketing for his local auto repair business, and he ask me for some on-site SEO tips for video that a beginner like him can implement right away. OK, I will give some off-site SEO tips, too.

After talking with my friend, I realize that I haven't write about search engine optimization for video marketing on this blog or any of my articles... and this is something that every Internet marketing beginner and advanced marketers should know how to do.

What I'm going to give you are just simple and basic SEO tips that you can use to optimize your online videos and have them pick by search engines, plus you will increase your views by the video sharing social network users that use the site search tool to find flix that they want to watch.

Here are the SEO tips for video for beginners and advanced marketers:

1.- Use Main Keyword On Channel Name.
Try to use your main keywords in your channels name, test shows that by doing this little optimization trick can improve your ranking. Plus, your viewers can relate better to what your content have to offer before even watching your videos. Now this doesn't apply if you are planning to brand videos or channel. But, that way you need to market a little more than the ones using keywords.
TIP: You have to setup your channel from the beginning, because on sites like YouTube, your user name is your channel name... so, name it right from the start.

2.- Choosing The Right Category.
Even if your channel name is a crazy and bizarre nickname don't pick comedy as your category, if your content is about making money with MLM or network marketing. Remember that you want highly targeted users that will turn into loyal video viewers, and you don't want to upset viewers and call you spammer. So, find the category that best relate to your content and target audience, this not only give you better search ranking for your videos, but also will increase your web conversions.

3.- Title or Headline Copy Matters.
Your video title or headline have to have two main things that will ensure better search position on the engines and on the site's search tool: The first one is keywords or key phrases that are relevant with the content of your video. And the second one is action verbs, call to a problem, or name the solution people that are interest in your niche are looking for.

4.- Branding All The Way.
If you plan to create a brand for your video channel, you need to ad the name of your brand to your video title or headline, for example: The MinisodeNetwork is the name of a popular channel of YouTube, this is how they called one of their videos about Spider-man "Spider-Man Minisode - Tight Squeeze".

Why they do this? Simply because they are creating a brand for them-self, eventually their brand name will get popular enough that users will use their channel name to search for their videos.

5.- Make Descriptions For Users.
Don't make the mistake many SEO beginners make when optimizing their web content and article for search engines. What they usually do is make a list of keywords hoping search engines will drive traffic to them from many results... You need to know that search engines are smart enough to catch this lame optimization tricks that can get your site penalize and out of ranking completely.

Well the same thing apply to video marketing and video search engine optimization... Plus, users won't like those type of hard pushing marketing. So, don't put all your keywords here, only use those that you actually are optimizing for...

Use it at the beginning of your video description, and use a variation of your main keyword at least 2 times on the rest of the body. Now, when you write it make sure it make sense, and give a good overview of the content of your video, by pointing out what they are going to learn from it or the benefits.

6.- Got Tags.
One of the main features of Web 2.0 is "Tags", which is a content management tool that helps computers, web users, and specially search engine find and categorize online content. This is one of the most important part of your on-site video SEO efforts. So, use them on every video you submit to any type of online video sharing site. The key here is... use your main keywords, secondary keywords, and any keyword that relates to your content.
TIP: First use the keywords that you use on your title, and description, then use other keywords related to the content. Also use your brand name as a tag. For example: If your content is about affiliate marketing and your main keyword is affiliate marketing training and your channel name is AffiliateCash. Then your tags should look like this: "Affiliate Marketing Training, AffiliateCash, Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate, Marketing, Affiliate Internet Marketing, Affiliate Programs Marketing, Affiliate Training".

7.- Tagging All The Way.
This is a simple but very useful on-site SEO tip that you need to take advantage right away... Just use as many tags as you can, make sure you use up to the maximum of tag that the site let you have. Here is why: Every tag that you add to your video automatically creates a web page for that tag, and you know what? That tag page has a link back to your video page. What you doing is using the site structure to give you back links from relevant web pages.

8.- Become Social Addicted.
What I mean with this? Well, I mean is that you need to be an active users of the community by visiting other channels, commenting on videos, and not only on those related to your niche, but on any video that you watch... every time you post a comment on somebody else video page, your channel name becomes a link back to your profile which is linking to your videos. This make your an on-site active link expanding factor for your online video pages. Remember, the more back links the higher is your page ranking, which give you better search engine position.

OFF Site SEO Tips For Video

9.- Give Your Videos Some Buzz.
Post your videos in your blog or website and complement them with some extra text that will make your blog visitors watch your videos, but without quiting visiting your site, simply because you will give extra tips on your site.

10.- Don't Just Buzz.
Every time you post a video on your site, also add a active link to the video page, but remember to use the title of your video as the anchor name. Just like I did for the MinisodeNetwork video above.

11.- Ping It.
Just like you do with your blog every time your add new content, you can do the same thing to your videos. Just go to AutoPinger, Pingoat, and PingOMatic and ping your video content to as many RSS directories as possible. You do this every time you upload a new video.

12.- Submit To Directories.
Off-site SEO for video is getting as many back links to your video web page as possible. Well just use my RSS and Blog Directories List and start submitting your videos to all those directories. You don't have to do all of them in one day, just pick 10 directories per day that will get you started fast.

13.- Bookmark It The Social Way.
Use social bookmarking sites to add your video pages, this are one way links for your video pages, which will increase your ranking even faster. To get you started go to: Digg,, StumbleUpon, Propeller, Reddit. The more social bookmark sites you use, the more one way back links you can get.

14.- RSS Syndiction.
Add your videos RSS feeds on your blog or website this will give link back to each of the latest upload videos. Also, create an Squidoo lens that can give a list of tips about the niche that you are targeting with your videos and add your videos RSS feeds to the lens.

Remember to provide good content on each video, with useful tips, and add some fun...

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In Conclusion: So, what you learn today? First, always use ethical video marketing and SEO tactics. Second, provide quality content on each video. third, use the online video sharing site structure to give you back links. Forth, use niche keywords on your content title and description the right way. Fifth, make sure to get quality back links to your video web pages. And last, create buzz for your videos by referring to then on your web site, blogs, and social profiles.

I hope this SEO tips for video marketing beginners will help you optimize for better search engine ranking.

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To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts.

About Author: Luis Galarza is a respectable Internet Marketing and Small Business Consultant in the area of Leominster and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Also, he had teach 100's of entrepreneurs how to make money online and offline without their own product.

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David Jackson said...

Wow... Luis, you went all out on this post. I haven't turn to video marketing jet, and I know is the hot Internet marketing tool of the moment, but I was concern of not knowing how to use it right.

Your article really got me exited about jumping in, and I going to start this weekend...

Thanks for the tips,

David Jackson

Mark Johnson said...

Luis, great article, looks like most SEO strategies also apply to video specially the off-site optimization, which is link building for the video pages.

Good tips


Mark Johnson

Aurelius Tjin said...

This is interesting! I enjoyed reading your great post.Thanks for the valuable information and insights you have shared here.

aliens infotech said...

thanks for the tips.

Search Engine Optimization

Mathew said...

You have quality info here man, I don't know why I haven't check you out before, love the the video marketing tips, and I recommend everyone to check the article about video to learn even more.

I need to bookmark your blog...

I'll be back!


petertparker said...

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Anonymous said...

You are an awful writer.

Luis Galarza said...

yes I am! And I'm very sorry if that made the article or articles difficult to understand, I try my best... My English writing sucks big time! i do have a college degree in business administration, and help corporate businesses like Rent-A-Center increase sales...

I need work on it... My Spanish and portuguese writing is excellent, and right now I'm learning Laos and Thai because my wife is half Lao half Thai, and I'm getting very good at it, at speaking, not the writing, I know the same problem again...

I will try my best to proof read my posts before submitting them...

Sorry again

Luis Galarza

Imtternette Marrkettin Comsultoant


Sorry but I don't get mad! Life is to short to get mad something little like your true comment!


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