Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Free Marketing Lessons From StartlightRegistry.com A Wedding Registry Site

Startlight Wedding registry Site!

I love when I find an original and unusual business idea that can teach us some good and free Internet marketing lessons by just evaluating their online operations, their website, and their service or product. This time I decide to review a very successful wedding registry site that not only is targeting a high demand market, but also is doing it in an innovated way.

The co-founder Sarah Rigos have created a very helpful wedding site where couples can upload their list of most wanted gifts into an easy to use online registry system, which also offers a very original way for friends and family to purchase large or expensive gifts collectively.

Here are some of the marketing tactics you can learn from
StartlightRegistry.com for free:

1. It have a great USP (unique selling proposition) to help them position their company as a healthy competitor in the marketplace. In their case, is the unique script they have to help couples submit expensive items to have their family and friends pay it in groups.

2. They give a very good first impression with their professional website that not only have relevant colors to their niche, but they show their services with style.

3. Sarah offers a very smart way to help her web visitors to understand the way her wedding registry service work by having a sample page where visitors can actually demo the service live before joining.

4. Another great element of this site is how easy it is to find your way around it, Sarah have created a strategic site navigation that can help even first timers to go surf the website without getting lost in cyber limbo like other bad develop sites.

5. Showing some social proof can boost your web conversions every time, and SR understand that, and use successful member's testimonials to show their audience that they have satisfy customers that are willing to take the time to give a good feedback about their service.

6. Other than social proof to get instant trust from their visitors, they also show security and policy seals or logos that tells their visitors how secure the site is and that they are concern about it too.

7. Another very important factor of their success is that their service goes beyond what other online marriage registry sites offer. People can request monetary gifts, expensive gifts, and more...

I recommend you to take a visit to the site to expierence it for yourself, and if you are looking to use an online registry service for your weeding, well don't look any further, Startlight Registry is the way to go.

To your success,

Luis Galarza,
Online Marketing Specialist.

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