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4 Internet Marketing Fundamentals That Increase Your Success Rate

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

Internet Marketing Have The Same Fundamentals As The Offline Marketing World, Just The Strategies, Tactics, Tools, And Technology Is Different. But, If You Don't Understand The Main Element Of A Successful System, Your Efforts Will Have Not Effects For Your Internet Business!

All the main fundamentals of regular or offline marketing also applies on it's fullness to Internet marketing, or at least to successful one. As an entrepreneur you need to know about each of these elements and how it fit in your marketing plan or strategy. It will really help you if you add these fundamentals into your campaign, because every online marketing program depends on a few factors that will help it become a successful program:
- One that is focus on getting to your goals.

- One that follows a path of strategic actions and tactics that will take you closer to achieving your goals.

- One that it's base on performance and is design to boost conversion rates.

- One that have a list of campaigns working together and yet separate to find the best channel to distribute your marketing message.

- One that acts base on accurate analytic data, which comes from well plan testing and tracking system.

- One that can be adjust and improve if you marketing trends changes.

If your Internet business marketing program doesn't possess this attributes or do any of those things for you or your company, maybe is missing one of the puzzle pieces that are necessary to make any of those attributes possible.

Many online entrepreneurs fail because they forget to run their Internet business as a real business... With a business plan, an Internet marketing program, and a set of short term and long term goals. Remember that it doesn't matter what type of company you want to start, if you want to be successful you need to treat it as a real business and have an strategy for each of your of the marketing fundamentals.

The Four Internet Marketing Fundamentals You Need To Plan For To Increase Your Success Rate.

The four fundamentals every marketing should have are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Here is how it brakes down:

This is the element that involve finding something of quality to offer, product development or design (you can develop the product yourself, outsource, buy PLR or MMR pre-develop products, etc), list of features that translate into valuable benefits, creating your USP or unique selling proposition, needs to blend or become part of your branding, and needs to be deliver in a professional packaging that increase its value.


The price is always a tricky part of any marketing program, because if you price to high you will loose potential customers, but if you price to low you will lower its value. Also, you need to decide if you are going to sell it retail or wholesale, or if you planning to offer discounts to increase sales, or if you want to accept allowances or payment plans, and if you do, you need to have good credit terms in place.


This element is also crucial for your success, is where you plan what type of distribution channel you better fits with your product/audience, the location where you product or service is going to be shown (this can be a website, an eBay store, a stand alone sales page, an offline storefront, etc), or you can decide to use middlemen, affiliates or joint venture partners to distribute the goods effectively.


This is the one focus on distrubuting your message to your target audience through advertising, a sales force (offline sale reps and affiliates), public relations or press releases distribution, sales landing pages or lead capture pages (squeeze pages), also the use of offline marketing tactics like; Direct marketing, telemarketing, TV informatials. And of course Internet marketing strategies like:

So, make sure you use each of these fundamentals as soon it increase your web sales conversions, which is the one of the most important things about having a business, without any revenue you will be out of business in no time. The other most important thing is building a strong long term relationship with your customers, prospects, and your audience in general.

To learn how you can be part of an online association full with expert on Internet marketing and web business advisers by visiting the Internet Entrepreneurs Club.

In Conclusion: Is simple, just treat your Internet business as a real business, and you will be in your path to success. Before using any Internet marketing strategy try to master each part of it before applying it, this way you will increase your responses.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Frank Meme said...

This is very true, I know a lot of people that fail to make any money online for the same reason, specially when the business they got into was completely free, like sign-up for an affiliate program or free online network marketing company.

I told some of these people to read your article. Really good stuff you got here, I love your posts about viral video marketing.

Frank Meme

David said...

The 4 Internet marketing fundamentals are definitely very important in ensuring a increased success rate. But if you combine the 4 fundamentals into a business plan that combines the 4 fundamentals into a single integrated approach, you might achieve a higher success rate.

Just a thought. :)

Daniel Tetreault said...

I remember my ex-wife who worked in marketing talk about the 5 P's of marketing. Your 4 internet marketing fundamentals sounds very close to the 5 P's of marketing. I would argue that your four P's have more to do with basic marketing fundamentals and not internet marketing; to me marketing online is more about delivery on a 'different' medium that in the offline world. Marketing basics, at least to me, should be seamless, whether off or online.

Just my thoughts.


Daniel Tetreault.

Luis Galarza said...

Daniel thank you for your reply, is true real world marketing can be apply in the online marketplace as well, that's why I wrote this article is such a way to show new entrepreneurs that offline marketing is closely related to the strategies use on the web.

I fact, many of the top Internet marketers were experts in direct marketing offline, and for that reason their road to success was more simple.

The web just make things more simple and easier to test and track.

Thanks again for your post Daniel.

Yours truly,

Luis Galarza

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