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What Is Online Banner Advertising And Its Benefits? [Video]

Web Banner advertising it's also known as Online Display marketing, which is a image based promotion of goods and services over the net usually in a web presence through an ad network, this network is in chart of managing your campaign that is delivered through a line of partner websites or publishers. These type of advertising images are what online marketers refer to as
'Banner ads'.

An business owner can place his display ads on specific category on the publisher website that will generate highly targeted visitors who are interested in what you are offering or on 'Many Categories' which mean is going to run on the whole network.

The most popular banner sizes are the "468p wide - 60p in height (i.e. 468×60)" - "350×200 (called Large rectangle), 160×600 (called Wide Skyscraper), and 728×90 (called Leaderboard). Remember that the images are measure in pixels.

Here is a quick video to explain further:

Recap From The Video.

One thing to know is that the banner of times that your ad will show a greater number of people .... more familiar with the company and the company is to potential customers. This is called building brand awareness. All the best and most successful companies know that the "average", is usually necessary to make it 4-7 conceptions in the human mind well before their consciousness begins to heat up the idea of ​​making the purchase, or try a product or a service from you. To do this you need to set-up a banner retargeting campaign so your ads follow your prospects around the net over a list of website partners.

Banner advertising is a good way to direct targeted traffic to your website and at the same time to build brand awareness for your business and products to the public Internet. Like Google publisher network which is a very well know and successful established media of high quality network of tens of thousands of web real estate in hundreds of thousands of web pages. GN is currently offering a banner impressions and click-through at speeds well over a million of impressions and hundreds of thousands of ad click-thru which gives you valuable targeted people that are willing to buy.

You can increase your targeted traffic and maximize your brand reach and engagement. Here are some of the benefits of this media:

Provides high traffic volume which mean more eyeballs for your message.

Can be set up as a Geo-Targeting to focus on your main areas of the marketing and get you the customers you need.

You can selected from a large list categories from targeted sites to show relevant ads.

You can use behavioral targeting and choose by gender, age, time of day, and ad-position to better target your audience.

You have a list of well established huge, high-quality networks like Google.

You can choose and try fifteen different sizes of banners that are accepted by most media sites.

Is very easy to upload your images and create eye-catching banner for your offer or simply outsource from many low cost designer.

And with technology like retargeting or re-marketing you can have your message display and follow your prospects all over the web.

Detailed information on the positioning and size choices, formats, and tags, see the information about the specifics of the ad network if you're thinking of advertising on the online. Web banner advertising is over the edge of the notification practices of traditional print news media, television commercials and direct mail... You need to know that display campaigns provide web users with instant rewards, giving them the chance to instantly "click the image" which is a gateway to your company's Internet presence or directly to the offer to give them more information about your products or services. To get advanced strategies download the Banner Ad Blueprint Training Course.


Luis Galarza,
Local Internet Marketing Specialist

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