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How To Increase Banners CTR From 1.5% To 15% Or More

I know many online marketers said that banner advertising is not so effective or it doesn't work. The fact is that display based advertising does work, one prove to that fact is seeing big player like Google jumping in the display ad market. Now is also true that this type of Internet marketing medium has low click-through rates or CTR of
0.1% to 3%, but results can be rewarding if you follow the basics.

Here are some of the statistics chart from Europe:

Most banners advertisement cost is based on the amount of views or CPM (cost-per-thousand), if you are using Google Adwords or any other pay-per-click network, then you pay only when someone clicks on the image or CPC (cost-per-click). Both type of systems have their cons and pros, for example: When using CPM networks you will get most bank for you buck if you get lots per clicks per thousand views, and when using CPC systems you need to make sure each click counts or you will loose your marketing budget like many newbies on the web.

So, how can you increase your click through rate per banner ad?

By simply following some all school offline selling strategies!

Let's Boost Your CTR!

The tips below are proven to increase display campaigns click-throughs from 1% to 15% and even 21% in some cases, depending on the campaign, how hot is the products, and the actual offer. The method below focus on making an irresistible offer and twisting the image to make it stand out. Download the Banner Ads Blueprint for advanced techniques. 

Here are the strategies:

1. Relevancy.
Be sure to put your advertisement where your target audience hang out online. If you do a little web surfing using search tools like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter search, you will find many great sites and blogs relevant to your market where you can buy ad space very inexpensive. So, if your site sells iPad 2 Accesories, you might want to run your campaign on iPad discussion groups, Apple computers blogs, or on tech news sites like Mashable, Techcrunch, and Engadget. You get the idea?

2. Avoid Ad Blindness.
Many web users see banners as regular decoration images on a website, specially if the images follow the sites color theme. To make you images stand out you need to make sure you use opposite colors, which mean that if the site theme colors are black and gray you need to use white and light blue, if the theme is light blue and white you can use strong colors like hot red or orange. Remember, the banners aren't necessarily need to have your company colors in it, if you still want to ad some branding, just put your logo in one of the corners, just be sure not to take view momentum from the offer.

3. Click Magnet.
To make your graphic a click magnet you need to answer the consumers question "What's In It For Me?", if you do it right you will boost your CTR and your revenue, because you are promoting an actual offer (discount, or special deal) every visitor will be a high pre-qualify buyer not just a tire kicker looking for more free information.

Here is what you need to do:
  • Make a your copy a direct sales to action request.
  • Brake down your price into pieces. If you selling a service that cost $30 per month, you can said something like: "Get This Widget Now For Only $1 A Day!"
  • Make sure the price or deal is written in large fonts and the actual service or product in smaller font.

4. Make It Pop!
If you're advertising on a site that has a lot of graphics and other graphic based ads, take a look at the site them and what type of colors the others ads use (dark or clear). This way you know what type of theme you can use on your display marketing campaign to make it stand out from the crowd. If they use dark colors like dark blue, hot red, or a dark background, the best thing you can do is to make a clear or white background with a dark color frame, center your message, and make sure to leave lots of white space around the copy.

5. Call To Action.
Remember that we using a simple graphic design and sale copy to increase response rates, so to continue with that theme the only type of "Call To Action" you need is a little phrase that say "Click Here!" Yes, that's it. If you want to give the call to action even more power just add an urgency sales close like an expiration date or just write "Offer will end soon", or "Only for the next 100 people".

Make sure to test and track all your banner advertising efforts so you can rinse your campaign and increase your CTR to 15%, 17% or even better. Learn advanced techniques on with the Banner Ad Blueprint.

To your success,

Luis Galarza,
Online Marketing Specialist.

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