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How Not To Increase Your Web Traffic

Groups Promotion Tactics!

Sometimes new entrepreneurs get frustrated about their web site traffic and will try to use direct marketing on places where this type of methods are absolutely unethical, and are consider to be spam. So, please avoid any tactic that is pushy and is against a site terms of use.

Almost every new online marketer can be tempted to join online discussion groups or forums to speak about their Internet business, sites or products. And soon you will start posting selling ads for your services or products on newsgroups, what you don't know is that the community will take this type of post as spam and they will flame you, which mean that will report you or flag you as a spammer, and this can get your account terminated and you banned from the group forever.

Even if the post looks like a regular little suggestion and not a straight selling piece will still be taken as a illegal tread.

TIP: If you really want to you use online groups to promote your website and product, the best way is
to position yourself as an expert in your niche, by intelligently and politely answer other users questions related to your business, but under no circumstance mention your product as the solution. Just provide good quality tips that your audience will find useful, this will entice them to learn more about you and your business. Make sure to use a good signature file that will automatically will be add at the bottom of your post with a link to your site or landing page.

Here are some of the techniques you should avoid:

1. Recommending you product to forum's members on a relevant treads.

2. Don't announce your website all over the group.

3. Don't join public chat rooms just to promote your business.

4. Don't post links to a sales page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other social networking site.

5. Answer question promoting your products.

6. Don't send private messages with advertisement.

7. Don't ask people to visit your site.

Instead follow this marketing tactics:

1. Post relevant quality articles and ask for people's feedback to generate a conversation around it.

2. Use special areas in a forum like announcements, classifieds or marketplace where you can ethically promote your product and website.

3. Before promoting your products make sure to read the group's term of use, policies, and rules so you can avoid doing anything unacceptable.

4. If you join public chat rooms make sure to interact and socialize to get to know your audience, don't advertise anything. If they ask you what you do for a living you can give then a short answer mentioning your website URL, but does it, then do the same and ask them the same question.

5. Share your articles and blog post on your social media profiles this way you can increase traffic and be resourceful at the same time.

6. Only send a private message when you want to talk or ask something or provide a tip to someone in private, but is also good to let them know that you will send them a private message, that way it will not be taken as spam and you will get better open rate.

7. Entice your social media and forum peers to visit your site by keeping your account active, and interact on a regular basics. Also, make sure to share useful staff all the time not just your articles.

I hope this little post can help many beginners or newbies to stay clean from spam and use ethical high converting strategies that are tested to boost success. Also don't forget to use free SEO tactics to get even more targeted visitors.

Yours truly,

Luis Galarza,
Web Marketing Specialist.

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