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Internet Marketing News: Zippo Banners Got Results

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

Internet Marketing Works! So, Don't Believe Is Someone Tell That Your Product Can't Be Advertise Online... If It Works For Zippo, Can Work For You Too!

After an online banner advertising campaign Zippo the lighter manufacture saw a big increase in their sales in the past holidays, which make them rethink their overall marketing plan for this year, which didn't include online advertising of any type. Zippo only used online marketing when it need it some extra push to increase sales, but this time that random push gave them better noticeable results, that make them add Internet marketing to their strategic sales plan.

Let's take a look at the type of banner that provide those results.

The lighter company decide to use banners that appear to be static image ads, being born by a Zippo lighter, then it will turn on the animation showing stylish design of their product... This is an excellent converting online banner ad strategy that can be use successfully for businesses selling items like:
- Clothing.
- Real Estate.
- Toys.
- Kids Products.
- Furniture.
- Cars.
- Watches.
- Etc.

So, if you are selling products that a simple picture of it can have people click-through to find out how they can put their hands on such a item, or to get more information, you can definitely put this marketing strategy to work for you.
Note: Zippo used a flash animated banner.

Why It Worked?

To make this banner advertising campaign delivered those good results, Zippo knew what type of audience will be interest in there product... so, they advertise on high traffic websites with a targeted visitors in the age range that the company was looking to expose their message to. They knew that the people most interested to buy their goods were males from ages 21 to 34, so they target sites with this type of audience.

Adjust and Match.

If you are selling other type of products or services you can still use the basics of this display marketing method, it doesn't matter if you're selling software, ebooks, or want to increase traffic to your blog, you can successfully use this tactics and have successful results.

How??? By adjusting the techniques of the banner or image ad design, but keeping the psychology of the method intact. What's the psychology behind this method?
  1. The perfect hook: Grab visitors by the eye ball with a good relevant hook.
  2. Hot relevant items: showcase your best products targeting a segmented audience.
  3. Brand exposure: Even if visitors don't click you still want to have them know who your company is and where to find you.

Also make sure you do your research and find the most relevant websites or blogs with a big inventory of unique visitors and page views that you can use to successfully put this Internet marketing strategy in place.

To learn how you can be part of an online association full with Internet marketing experts and marketing advisers by visiting the Internet Entrepreneurs Club.

In Conclusion: It doesn't matter what you do, make sure you have a good testing and tracking system in place to get data and see how this online marketing method is working for you. Make sure to test different versions of your banner ads, until you find the one that gets the best conversions, and even then try to make that one better.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.


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Mateo said...

Nice marketing article, I love the analysis you did on Zippo's banner advertising, indeed some of the best tips I found so far.


Luis Galarza said...

This is just an example of what you can learn on Marketing X Files, a course project I'm developing, which will expose some of the most successful strategies use by actual online businesses. I'm glad you like my post....

If you have any question don't hesitate to ask me.

To your success,

Luis Galarza

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