Thursday, December 16, 2010

Video Squeeze Pages: When And How To Apply Them

In the game of direst response videos are many myth that need to be clear, that way you can make a smart decision on how to or when to apply it in your Internet marketing plan. Direct response video is the art of using online video copy as a sales tools for your products or to generate more opt-in subscribers to your list.

Now so far video haven't generate a big money to big companies like Google (YouTube), because they are trying to make money out of the free media content through advertising and promotions. But. when it comes to use it as a sale tool for products or services, this interactive media is a big WINNER! That's why now you see many online marketers using video instead of text copy to sell their products. And many of them recommend to use it on squeeze pages to boost your lead generation efforts.

BUT.... Yes, this is a big 'BUT'!

When it comes to
use it on your lead capture pages you need to be very careful or you can lower you opt-in or subscription rate by 50% or more. I will talk a little more about that in my next post, right now I want to show you when you need a video squeeze page and how to set it up for success.

When do you need it?

No all lead capture pages will perform well with interactive media, but in some cases can help you boost your subscription if is done right.

  • Use it when you are giving away a webinar ot teleseminar and you need to explain some of the information people will learn from it.
  • Use it when you need to provide some kind of demonstration of your product or service.
  • Use to help increase the value of your offering.
  • When text is not enough to get people engage with your newsletter.
  • Use it educate before getting visitors to opt-in.

How to use it?

OK, now let's talk about how to set it up right, and what type of videos you should be using. Before i continue, if you want some good themes check these video squeeze pages templates, and take a look at this killer templates optimized to for affiliate promotions. OK let's do this:

  1. Add video testimonials to generate trust and increase instant opt-ins.
  2. If you are letting people get a free service, add a video demo to show how the service is going to help them solve their problem.
  3. Use video after your sales copy to add extra details for visitors looking for more information before subscribing.
  4. Make sure each video direct response are no more than 20 seconds, 10 seconds it's even better. This way it will load fast and will give the visitors a quick pitch.
  5. Always start the films with a question or mention a list of top benefits, so they will watch the rest. And if they don't have time, you already give them enough reasons to sign up.
  6. Put the opt-in forms right next to the video or under, but make sure both form and media are above the fold (don't let your prospects scroll down to find the form).
  7. Add a summary of your offerings on top of the form, this alone can increase your sign-ups.
  8. Add a text version of your sales copy below the video for anyone who prefer to read.

I hope this tips can help you use interactive lead capture pages successfully. Also get my free list building course and report for more information.

To your success,

Luis E Galarza,
Your Internet Marketing Specialist.

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