Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Best Source Of New Business Ideas Is The Unusual

Yes, that's a business!

Did you know this is the reality and the source of many bizarre marketing strategies and completely unusual new business ideas?

 Let me explain, the other day I was searching the web for news, articles, and blog posts about successful new ventures that are generating revenue online or offline. And let me tell you, most of the stuff I found were the average start-up or marketing tactic that you see everywhere... But, in my little web adventure to find some great inspiring and even better innovative ways to create profitable assets, I stumble upon this AWESOME website, sorry for the capitals but is really that good, that writes about unusual new business ideas that actually worked.

Let me tell you, the content of this website is so informative and entertaining that I got stock there for about 1 hour reading the blog posts, searching the site, and watching the videos which feature
Jason Bax the man behind the idea of The B.U.N, which is the name and logo of Business Unusual ( ).

Here a little example of the type of ventures and companies The BUN features on their blog:

1. Boogeyman For Hire.

2. Rent-A-Duck.

3. Chocolate Pet Perfume.

4. The Leg Lamp.

5. No I'm Not on F***ing Facebook! - The T-Shirt. (One of my favorites).

Those are just a little taste of some of the weird businesses and marketing strategies you will learn about on there blog. You will see, the content is so good and unique that is no way you won't share it on Facebook or Twitter....

Now the site is not all entertainment Jason Bax offers a lot of free professional advise for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and business owners that will help you take your ideas to levels and open your mind to new innovative ways to market your good to your audience.

The site is all about thinking outside the box... You gonna learn how some entrepreneurs take simple crazy skills and turn it into a new hot niche. When you get the site I want you to check the "Share Your Bun" page for a very cool way Jason use to interact and engage with his visitors and at the same time he help someone in need.

Please let know what you think about it, which idea catch your eye the most.

To your success,

Luis E Galarza,
Internet Business & Marketing Specialist.

Tweet me the coolest post you found there @Luis_Galarza.

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