Saturday, December 17, 2011

Samsung Anti Brand Video Marketing Works - It Can Work For You Too

Many people believe Apple have the most innovative products out there because they work hard at marketing their brand that way, and their products really show the massive creativity that got into place, Steve Jobs really did invented the best products of our time, but....

Now looks like Apple is getting behind, and many companies are taking advantage of this set back, one of them are Samsung and Motorola which just came out with the thinner mobile phone yet 'The RAZR'. Samsung also have some great new phones on the market with bigger faster touch screens, 4G ready, and more... But, their anti brand video marketing against Apple is where they really doing great because is actually working!

A recent article on Mashable show that Samsung online marketing strategy is help the company gain market share in the wireless industry and is tell everyone and showing everyone that the iPhone isn't the most advanced gadget on the market.

Here is one of their Youtube video ads that is generating a lot of buzz and viral actions:

So, can this really work for you? The answer is yes! We, seen Coca Cola and Pepsi using this time of marketing approach before against each other, just make sure you don't said nothing illegal or spread lies about your competitors brand or products, that can get you in a lot of trouble.

Here is how to keep it legal and ethical:

1. Concentrate your advertising campaign on educating your audience about your strong benefits.

2. Do comparisons of features, but only those that your products can do better or a faster.

3. Avoid a price war by never calling prices on your marketing campaign. A price war will only cut in your profits.

4. When using video ads as your medium, make sure your video content is funny and interesting.

5. Make each ad to focus in one feature and benefit at a time...

6. Just like Samsung, call your product or service the best next thing. Soon everyone is gonna be saying it too.

7. Keep the ad copy or video script clean from anything that damage your competitors brand.

8. Show your competitors product but avoid mentioning names.

9. Provide trend based features and benefits, this can help you be ahead.

10. Use demos to show off how good and better your product really is.

Recommended book: Video Marketing An Hour A Day.

And that's it... Now what you need to is make sure you have a product or service that can really deliver on it's promise, if not get to work create one and then analyze your competition and plan your anti-brand video marketing campaign.

To your branding success,

Luis Galarza,
Local Web Marketing.

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