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Blog SEO Tips: Posting Videos Is Killing Your Ranking

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing For Beginners.

Yes, Posting Your Videos On Your Blog As Post Content And Marketing Is Great! But, Are You Doing It Right For The Sake Of Your Blog SEO Efforts?...

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One way to increase the traffic to your blog is by adding unique content on a regular basics, and you can do this by posting your videos from YouTube or any other video sharing sites. This is one of those perfect double marketing knife that sometimes can be difficult to create. Why is a great promotion strategy? Because you get instant content for blog, which turns into extra traffic, plus you increase the exposure to your online videos. So, if you are not doing this yet, you better start right away because you are missing out the ride to even more market share, web authority, site traffic, and more revenue.

And who doesn't want to increase their reader count?

Posting regular content is one of the best ways to get more eyes on your blog. So, every time you make a video, podcast, webcast, audio report, or any type of informational material I recommend you to share it with your readers by making a post for each material.

There Is A Ranking Problem!

The problem about this strategy doesn't have anything to do with weather you need to post or not to post your videos on your site. As I said before, you need to do it because is a great way to boost your marketing. But in order for this strategy work its full potential you need to learn how to do it right.

Before I show you the right way to do it, let me explain the wrong way to post videos on your site:
  • The main problem with videos posts is that they're not completely optimized for the search engines!

That's it, you posts lack of full blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization) structure. Many bloggers post their media as the complete content because lack of time, laziness, or just looking for a little traffic. Yes, they add a good keyword rich title, and some relevant tags, but does it, and that my friends is not enough.

What you may not know is that no even the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, or AOL cannot read the content of a video or image just yet, maybe in the future, I know Google has been working hard to accomplish this but no valid results yet.

So, if the engines can't read your content how can you get the full potential of your ranking. Your video post will not stand a chance against a regular written post. Yes, you can get some quality back links, but your competitors will still be ahead of you, because they have better on site optimization. Which send us to the solution...

On Site SEO Is The Solution!

Optimizing your post when all the information is in video format can be challenging for some, but is something that you must do to give your media a boost. Here some things you can do to have some written content with the media:
  • Write an introduction to the content.
  • List all the main point the information is going to address.
  • Explain the problems the information is going to help your readers solve.
  • Make a list of facts and myth about the problem.
  • Provide extra tips or advice to add value to the post.
  • Report what others are saying about the problem.
  • Add any reviews about the content written by others.
  • Make a list of resources where readers can get extra information.
  • Add your own review about the information.

I hope those little tips can help you turn those posts into real resourceful articles. Now let's get into some on-site SEO tactics to make sure search engines give some real love to those articles:
  1. Make sure you use a good keyword research tool to find a good phrase to target.
  2. Add the keyword phrase you are trying to target with that article on the title.
  3. Write a title people will want to click on. Make it exiting, unique, surprising.
  4. Make sure is an introduction before the video that has your key-phrase in it.
  5. Keep your keyword density at less that 5%. This mean that your targeted keywords are only 5% of your content.
  6. Add relevant tags or labels if you are using Google Blogger as blogging platform.
  7. Link ot another article that has the same keyword on the title. Make sure adds value to your article.
  8. When writing the content you can add different variations of your keyword, or relevant key-phases.

That's good enough to make your videos a fully optimized resourceful article, that you readers would appreciate, and also may generate some link baiting love to your article, which means free exposure and traffic.

Here are some good articles to help you with you blog SEO efforts:

22 SEO Tips: Blogspot Blog Basics.

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Recommended Resources.

So, now you know, you can keep a busy blog busy if you make every single post ready for the search spiders.... This way you can gain more targeted traffic on a regular basics.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Rony Bale said...

You know Luis, I have to thank you a million! Because that's exactly what I do, just post the videos on my blog but with no written post, and my blog haven't been getting much traffic or ranking for that matter, I know what to do now...

I going to fix every single post and then keep the same approach for every new post!

Thank again

Rony Bale

Seo Canada said...

Nice Blog....

Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Consultant said...

Thank you SEO Canada I try to keep it true and useful, now that I'm not to busy managing my offline businesses.

Rony, thank you for your comment and I'm very glad you like this post. I really hope your blog ranking and search position will improve, but don't forget that off-page optimization are more important!...

Yours truly,

Luis Galarza
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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