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12 Web Marketing Things I Wish Would Just Go Away

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing For Beginners.

Sorry If You Are In The List Of Web Marketing Things I Would Like To Gone!...

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What about that title uh? I know that coming from an online marketer and business owner like can be a little bit odd to see me writing a blog post like this one. But, after constant interaction by unethical Internet marketing practices, and by new marketer trying to do promote their ventures with wrong methods because they don't know any better, I got fill with frustration. Because is just sad what sometimes happened in this industry.

Is time to make a change!... Don't you think?

1. Mike Filsaime MarketingDotCom Newsletter: Is just great when a marketer want you to paid for no more than 16 pages of information you can get for free on a blog. Just and case I was a customer for 3 month just to see if they improve it... Didn't happened!

2. Print Newsletters Prices: You have love it when a company sell you a subscription to a 20 or less pages' newsletter for a monthly rate of $30 or more, just because is in print. Come on, you can get a year subscription to Entrepreneur Magazine for half of the price of a month rate and get over 100 pages of full quality information.

3. Free poor quality ebooks or report: Not because is free you are going to provide me something you wrote after drinking a 24 pack with your joint venture partner. Keep the junk for yourself!...

4. Tweets to a sale page: Hey people don't mind if you send them to a landing page where they can get some quality relevant report for free. But we just hate it when you trying to sell us, instead you need to connect we us.

5. Don't ask me to send a tweet mention for you: This is social media, the age of permission and authority. You want me to (FOLLOW) mention you on Twitter, you need to interact and show if you are worth my effort. But, please stop asking...

6. Did you see my profile link: I don't even know you yet and you asking if I saw your profile link to your site. Who cares!... Let's talk, let's share, let's connect, and maybe then I will check you link!...

7. Facebook Inbox Fillers: Just we are Facebook friends, but that doesn't mean you can use the message system as your own autoresponder. I aproved your friend request to connect with you, and to get to know you, not for you to spam me every single day with crap I don't want!

8. Mike Filsaime Instant Affiliate Sites: What!!!!... You mean I have to pay you in order to get a web site that promotes your own products? Where the world is coming to, I don't paid and they give me better promotion tools and a custom store. Sorry Mr. Mike but you need to stop smoking whatever it is that you smoke!...

9. Other marketers opinion as testimonials: Sorry but i don't think joint venture partners opinion should be use as testimonials. Do you think this is unethical?

10. Paid marketing tools: OK, this is a biggy, because there are some marketers trying to sell you a tool which is just an App that connects and get the results from a web service that is already available to you for free.

11. Scammers that kill opportunities: When you are in the Internet marketing industry your conversion suffers, just because some idiot scam some poor entrepreneurs that were looking for a solution to their business problem.

12. Hackers that love to hijack your social accounts: Come on... Are these people two years old or something....

Please if you think I forgat something that should be listed here, please share it with us by using the comment field at the top of this post. Also read:

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Recommended Resources.

Just in case, you need to know that not all the print newsletters are a waste of money, or that all marketers products are poor. I just want you to be careful with those that don't offer real value for your money. And yes, even Mr. Filsaime have some good products that I fully recommend, like his 7 Figures Secrest Report, which has some good information. Same thing goes to web tools, there are many great tools you should have as part of your arsenal like Keyword Elite for research, CPA promotions, and more.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Johnny R said...

I really love this post, you hit many marketer right in the heart with this one!..... LOL!

Keep posting man, love it!

Johnny R.

Leominster and Fitchburg MA News said...

Luis I think you forgot a few thing that should go away like:

- The affiliate tax regulation.
- New online advertising regulations.
- Splogs.
- eBay scammers.

Thanks for such great marketing article...

Ramon Ramirez...


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