Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How Videos Go Viral - Marketing Effect [Video - Infographic]

This is a question many people, specially online marketers always ask, how or why videos go viral? The problem that this question is very hard to answer without showing you different type of video content that you will never think it has viral effect power, but it did. And sometimes the creator didn't even have a lot of channel subscribers.

Below I'm sharing a great speech from the masters of TED, in this presentation Kevin Allocca explain some of the reasons why some media have a virality effect higher than others, even if you think is just an stupid clip. Now before you watch the presentation I need to understand something:

Nobody can promise you they can make a video go viral, what you need to do is create high quality content and expect or hope lot's of people will share it all over the web!

Here is the presentation that explain the viral marketing effect on interactive media:

Like I said before, nobody can make a video that get millions of views, but that doesn't mean you can't help your content to get as much exposure as you can.

First, make sure your content have at least one of the following factors:
  1. Humor.
  2. Controversial.
  3. Usefulness.
  4. Targeted.
  5. Educational.
These are some examples of videos with millions of views!

Then, you need to move to promoting your videos and increase it's exposure, on the next post I gonna share more ways to promote your media, but for now you can start with:
  1. Blog about it the right way.
  2. Write an article about it and syndicate it on content directories.
  3. Share it with your friends and followers through social media.
  4. Social networking is a must for your video SEO.
  5. Ping your channel RSS Feeds to directories.

Here is an infographic that shows how videos are spread through social media:

Now go and produce as many creative videos, experiment and hopefully your content is spreadable enough so you can have your own marketing winners. Remember that if you video get crazy amount of views you can get YouTube to pay you for the content just like it happen to the parents of Charlie and Fenton, you know, the kid that got his finger bit by his little brother.

To your virality success,

Luis Galarza,
Turn Articles Into Videos Tool!

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