Friday, March 09, 2012

The Changing Nature Of Marketing To Content [Video]

Content Creation Is The New Marketing

Today I want to share with your a great video where two expert and co-founders of the CCA Marketing Agency, which by the way is the PR firm behind the promotion of the movie blockbuster Transformers... They share their experience opinion about how traditional marketing have gone into an drastic evolution path that made it go from being in from of the content, instead now turn you into the actual content provider...

Marketing = Content Interruption

Marketing = Content Creation

And this is a huge truth that many traditional thinking entrepreneurs try to denied, what they don't know that covering their eyes and looking the other way means the beginning of their inevitable failure!

This change of outbound to inbound let increase the mastering of what Seth Godin coined as 'Story Telling Marketing', and now everyone has become a crucial ingredient on every business and branding strategy.

Here is the presentation, enjoy:

As you can see content marketing now has become you main asset and you need to integrated into your strategies mix, because if you don't do it your competitors will.

You business success,

Luis Galarza,
Web Marketing For Local Businesses.
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