Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Top 7 Factors A Contuinty Affiliate Program Should Have

Residual Income Affiliate Programs

How to know when an continuity or residual affiliate program offers a top notch system? First, a continuity program is simply a paid membership or subscription based business system and will generate you residual income per sale. Many associate program are great but when it comes to promoting a membership service or training, you need to know what's the system behind such membership site.

Below I give a list of 7 elements I look for when promoting a continuity service, but there are some great online merchants that don't offer all this factors but can be very profitable, too. Just make sure that at list the cookie tracking system is a good one, and the product or service they sell is of high quality.

Here are the top seven factors good residual affiliate program should have:

1. The vendor need to provide high quality products. This is a biggie, do not promote poor quality products, will ruin your reputation.

2. Their sales copy needs to have a high conversion rate, and capture the email of shoppers before leaving. A good conversion is
around 7% or over.

3. They need to have a system that will track your commissions for life with accuracy.

4. Is better if they have a wide range of great products targeting different areas of the same market.

5. Is preferable if they use some of the top email follow up strategies online, this will ensure future sales from the same marketing effort.

6. Make sure to choose those programs that pay commissions on a weekly basics, specially if you need to profits fast. If you don't mind waiting then you can skip this element.

7. And last but not least, it better be free to sign up for. Don't get me wrong, paid affiliate and network marketing vendors are fine, but it better be a good reason why they charging a fee for.

Where can you find these type of associate program? Here are a few places to check:

So, remember keep quality and value in the top of your list, but also they system of software use by the merchant. Here is a Free Video that reveals how to have an Internet Lifestyle without selling your own product.

To your success,

Luis E Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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