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9 Ways To Better Banners Ads Click Through Rates & Online Marketing Results

Ad Click-Through Rates

New Internet market statistics show that the poor hard working online banners ads are still the number one thing marketing tactics consumer hate, avoid, and ignore the most. In fact, consumers said that they ignored display ads 43% more than any other type of advertising like newspaper, radio, etc.... This, must be one of the reasons display advertising click-through rate when so low back in 2008 (only 0.015%), at least that number is up on 2010 giving us a little hope(0.09% click-through rate).

Here are the statistics obtain by AdweekMidia and Harris Poll as cited on Adweek blog in November 2010 that showed what ad type consumers ignored and disregard the most on 2010:

  • Internet banner - 43%.
  • Internet search engine ads or pay per click (PPC) - 20%.
  • TV ads - 14%.
  • Radio ads - 7%.
  • Newspaper ads - 6%.
  • Other advertisements - 9%.

As you can see most online consumers don't like that annoying image on your site, but that doesn't mean you should run the other way. To increase the success of a banner ad you need to know how consumers want you to market to them.

How To Increase Click-Through Rates.

The failure of many display advertisement is because most marketers are doing it the wrong way, for you to bring the sexy back to your banners, you need to give your audience what they want, when they want it, where they expect you to give it to them! Don't believe others saying that this type of advertisement is gonna disapear, even eMarketer estimate that Internet businesses are going to spend 11.4% more on 2011, and will still grow steady on 2014 up to $8.63 billion. Now the secret lies on how to get most of your advertising dollars?

Here are 9 ways to better results, after evaluating what type of interaction media users want when engaging with companies and their brands ( market research from Cone "2010 Cone Consumer New Media Study"):

1. Offer Incentives: 77% of consumers want you to offer free products or services, coupon, discounts, etc..).

2. Solve Problems: 46% want you to solve their problems, give them product and service information, and provide great customer service.

3. Ask For Opinions: 39% want you to ask for their feedback on products or services, and consider their opinion very important.

4. Entertain Them: 28% want to be entertain by providing access to premium or quality content.

5.  Diversify Interaction Points: 26% want you to develop new ways to interact with their brands, things like:
  • Widgets.
  • Mobile Applications..
  • Online games.
  • Contests.
6. Targeted Campaigns: Yes, even consumer them self want you to market to them, in fact 21% will be more likely to click on banner or text ad if the campaign is highly targeted to their needs and wants.

Some extra free marketing tips to help you boost your conversions:

7. Be Focus: To really show your campaign to a targeted audience make sure to advertise on sites or blogs that have content relevant to your offerings, and stay away from big sites with a general target.

8. Make Big Impressions: What I mean with this is when selecting a site for your campaign make sure you'll be able to use the large banner formats, because bigger images get better conversions.

9. Apply Retargeting: You need to know that web users who seen an campaign before will be more comfortable to click on it. This is why you should try to retarget or expose visitors to your campaign more than once.

One more thing, you need to remember to test and track all your online campaign so you can see where all your web traffic is coming from and which campaigns are the most successful. Also, building a email list still number one when it comes to conversions!

To your CTR success,

Luis E Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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