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How to Use Free Travel Gifts Certificates To Increase Web Leads & Sales

By Luis Galarza - Mobile Marketing.

As You Already Know People Like To Travel, Which Make It The Perfect Free Incentive or Gift You Can Provide To Your Site Visitors and Current Customers To Increase Web Sales And Grow Your Customer Base!...

This is absolutely true, has been tested for decades by many small & mid-size businesses and even by top corporations. But, there still are many companies that haven't use this powerful promotion tools in their marketing to maximize their sales and profits, and your company is may be one of them. Just imaging having a strong irresistible offer that will pull people to act now and even bypass objections by keeping their mind on the benefit of going away to a nice place for absolutely nothing. And what about if you don't have to buy the ticket or vacation package either.

Is It Relevant?

This is the interested part of this online promotion, a free travel incentives may not be relevant to your niche, market, or not even closely related to your products or services, but that doesn't take the fact that a free travel gift is really relevant to people's desire to have a fun relaxing vacation paid by someone else.

So, a travel gift may not be related to your offerings, but still a powerful promotion just because is related to what people want.

For this reason adding such incentives as a bonus can make your offer appeal to more prospect than you will actually loose if you didn't add it. So, it would work on almost any market your in, I really think you can use free travel bonuses as part of your offer and get a boost in web sales, you won't regretted! Just test it out, but don't forget to apply split testing and tracking in your marketing, to acutely measure results.

Increase Web Traffic, Leads, And Sales.

If you already doing business online you may already know that one of the Internet marketing strategies every guru or expert talks about is that you need to offer free gifts or bonuses to increase sales, traffic, list opt-ins, paid members, etc.... When you offer something for free to get visitors to opt-in is OK to offer an ebook, report, video, audio, webinar or teleseminar, and consultation. But, when you are trying to sell something online it can be really hard to come out with the perfect bonus that will increase the value of your offer in the mind of your prospect, and most of the times you don't get the results you were expecting or needed to cover your marketing and business expenses.

The fact is that by adding vacation giveaways or travel incentives to your offer you can maximize your ROI (Return On Investment). Why? Because travel gifts tend to appeal to a larger demographic group than other traditional Internet premiums.

Here some ways you can apply these premiums:

- To increase online ads responses.

- To make more consulting appointments.

- To motivate your affiliates.

- To improve email marketing responses.

- To boost survey inquiries.

- To increase membership site subscriptions.

- To drive more traffic to your site.

- To maximize PPC results.

- To encourage eBay customers to paid fast.

- To boost OTO (One Time Offers) sales.

If you notice, there are many ways you can use vacation type of premiums to gain better positive results that will give your Internet business a higher revenue. I will talk about some of those areas a little more in later posts, for now I just want you to consider these type of incentives as a tool to gain more web sales and customers.

Where Can I Get Travel Incentive Certificates?

The best place I know and I always use is the Incentive Marketplace, they offer a compete selection of vacation certificates and booklets that you can giveaway to your prospects and customers!

Recommended Resources.

- E-Business Star-up Handbook.
Step-By-Step Guide To Selling Online.

QUICK PROFIT TIP: Using this type of marketing give aways right, you can see results almost immediately. To optimize the sales process of your offer, I recommend you to combine it with a complementary ebook or report where you can give some industry information or tips. This way you can keep the promotion tide to your brand and products.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.
Proud member of the Internet Entrepreneurs Club.

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