Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Of The Best Business Model For Internet Marketing

By Luis Galarza - Mobile Marketing.

Here Is One Of The Best Ways To Make Money Online!...

There are 1000's of ways to make money online with your own Internet based business, which sometimes makes it difficult for beginners to choose from. For this reason, one of the top questions new Internet entrepreneurs always ask me is what's the number one business they can start online?

Is a great question indeed. But, is also a question that is incomplete and has a lot of flaws!

Why do I said this? Well, a lot of people can tell you that their market, niche, model or opportunity is the best choice for anyone, because is already a profitable venture for them... The truth is, that it all depends on your knowledge of business, marketing, and the industry you are want to get into.

It also depends on how much love and passion do you have for that industry and what is your definition of success...

The right steps to find a good way to make money online are:
  1. Make a list of your skills, hobbies, job possitions, and interests.
  2. Do a market research to see if demand on any of those markets.
  3. Run a keyword research to find hot profitable search phrases use by potential customers.
  4. Make a list of on demand problems that need to be solve.
  5. Find a way to solve those problems in very unique way.
  6. Build a business that provides those solutions.
  7. Use strategic online marketing techniques to get your message in from of your targeted audience.

Is more into that process but that is the basics that you or any new net entrepreneur should do to help them find the right business model for yourself.

So, why do I said that the Internet business below is one of the best marketing models an entrepreneur can follow?

The answer is simple. I recommend the model below because it can be adjust to work in almost on any niche you can think of. And it doesn't matter what type of products you are selling or even if those products are from affiliate promotions, you can successfully adjust and use this method to generate a list of leads or hot prospects that you can build a relationship with and if they didn't buy at first, you have there contact information to follow up and sell them later, and then sell them again. This selling process is explain in better details in the book "The Great Formula" by Mark Joyner.

The Best Making Money Online Model!

This business method can be use as a way to generate leads for a current venture or to start a new Internet company. This method is base on a very successful Internet marketing strategy call OTO or One Time Offers, this OTO web-sites can be set up very easy using some services or scripts available on the web that are great for to set up a list building process. One that is very famous is the Butterfly Open Source Code, which now is available at zero cost to you. Here is the simple techniques:

1. First You need as much targeted traffic as you can get.

2. You offer something valuable as a giveaway to get your prospects to sign up for more updates.

3. You need a well design squeeze page or lead generating landing page. For this you need an autoresponder.

4. Then your prospect is send to a page where he or she is can read a message that remind them to confirm their subscription in order to get their goods.

5. When they go to their email and click on the confirmation link, they automatically will be send to a One Time Offer page where your salespage is going to try to sell them your best product or membership.

6. If your prospect purchase your first offer they go to an order form page where they enter their payment information and you get your money directly to your Paypal account, check or wired transfer depending on the the payment processor that you use.

7. Now if your prospect doesn't buy your first offer, then they are forwarded to a "Thank You" page, where they can get their giveaways.

8. In the other hand your new customer (the person that purchased your first offer) will send to a "Download Page" to get his paid goods.

9. Both your prospects and your new customers are now in your list server, which help you contact them with a ezine or online newsletter that has quality content or great deals.

10. Having your own list of targeted prospects and customers will open the doors for future sales, joint venture partnerships, and back end affiliate promotions!...

How easy do you think is this process?...

Recommended Resources.

- E-Business Star-up Handbook.
Step-By-Step Guide To Selling Online.

QUICK PROFIT TIP: Remember to apply this business model to your passion, that way will be easier for you to make it a successful venture.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.
Proud member of the Internet Entrepreneurs Club.

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