Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Why SMS Mobile Marketing Will Boost Your Small Business Success

By Luis Galarza - Mobile Marketing.

What Social Media?... The Next Web Marketing Boom Is Right In Your Pocket, Inside Your Small Mobile!...

Yes, my friends forget all the crap people and gurus are saying about social media and Facebook. Yes Facebook is a power house for promoting your goods and gaining market authority, but mobile marketing is the new commerce center of the planet. Why you may ask? The video below will answer this question a little bit more in detail, but I just need to add that cell-phones are a complete communication center in the pal of billions (not millions like Facebook or Google) of constant active users.

And I'm not talking about smart phones or the mobile web, I'm referring to SMS or text messaging advertising and permission base communication, just like we do with email lists. This little feature can help you increase sales better, because it have higher open rate and the conversions are insane!...

Of course that all the other feature make this new exposure system even more powerful, tools like:
  • Mobile web.
  • MMS.
  • Mobile Email.
  • Pictures Sharing.
  • Video Sharing.
  • Smartphones Web.
  • Apps.
  • Social GPS services.
  • Etc.

Here is the video with more information about this new marketing evolution:

As you can see, if you want to be ahead of your competition you need to start getting your feet wet with this new promotion lethal weapon.

You have too, don't be left behind my friend!...

Don't worry I going to try to help you as much as I can. I'm preparing a set of blog posts full of tips, tools of the trade, and market research data. These information is going to be vital for anyone wanting to jump into this huge ocean of of opportunities.

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So, stay tune by subscribing to this blog RSS feeds. You will see the first post in about 3 days or even before!

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- Cell Phone Cash.
- E-Business Star-up Handbook.

QUICK PROFIT TIP: Don't forget, just like any business online, offline or mobile, always keep it focus to your goals, and keep your promotions targeted!...

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.
Proud member of the Internet Entrepreneurs Club.

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