Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Transformers 2 2009 Top Search Keywords And Niche Marketing Tips

By Luis Galarza.

This List Of Top Search Keywords Reveal Profitable After Markets and Micro-Niches!

The number one movie in theaters this June 2009 is Transformers 2 film which by the way was awesome! I'm an old fan of the cartoon, comics, and toys, I still remember getting my first toy which was the big ship that transported all of the Autobots. When the first movie came out of theaters 2 years ago, was like a dream come true, and after seeing my and many others excitement about transformers products I notice the income making opportunity behind it.

Many smart online and offline marketers know the power of a hot trend that has a big line of products supporting it. In the case of this movie you have thousand of items that can be sold on the Internet and build a profitable small business venture.

Is all about fast strategic marketing actions if you want to monetize on a hot trend... I make some revenue by just creating an one page website with my thoughts about the new film and different versions of the trailer.

Here is one of the trailers I use on my site:

I just love this film!

Where is the profit?

To generate a revenue from this popular keyword you need to focus on niche marketing strategies which is the way to monetize micro-niches and after market sectors of a popular product or topic.

Micro-niches can be:
  • Toys.
  • Movies.
  • Comics.

After Market can be:
  • Customs.
  • Accessories.
  • Add-ons.

The List.

Well, here is the complete of top Transformers 2 keywords that web users are using to find what they looking for from the movie (Just replace the TF2 for the original word):

Searches - Key phrase.
3043 TF2.
534 TF2 trailer.
346 TF2 the movie.
243 TF2 trailers.
240 TF2 character.
175 TF2 revenge of the fallen.
148 TF2 cast.
106 megan fox TF2.
92 new T movie 2.
88 TF2 blog.
80 TF2 movie.
76 TF2 new robots.
75 TF2 the video game.
71 TF2 release date.
64 T the movie 2.
63 TF2 photos.
62 TF2 wallpaper.
55 TF2 movie trailer.
40 watch TF2 online.
38 TF2 toys.
35 TF2 review.
34 TF2 games.
27 TF2 full movie.
24 TF2 pictures.
24 TF2 reviews.
23 TF2 download.
23 TF2 torrent.
23 watch TF2 online for free.
20 TF2 preview.
19 watch TF2.
17 TF2 megan fox.
17 TF2 pics.
16 TF2 soundtrack.
16 TF2 the game.
14 megan fox in TF2.
14 TF2 robots.
13 TF2 spoilers.
12 TF2 official trailer.
12 TF2 wikia.
12 T movie 2.
12 watch TF2 for free.
11 TF2 movie online for free.
11 TF2 trailor.
10 the new decepticons from TF2.
10 TF2 characters.
10 TF2 clips.
10 TF2 girl.
10 TF2 stars.
10 watch TF2 free.
9 TF2 arcee.
9 TF2 leaked.
9 TF2 official site.
9 TF2 video game.
9 watch TF2 full movie free.
8 cast of TF2.
8 trailer TF2.
8 TF2 cars.
8 TF2 corvette.
8 TF2 revenge of the fallen premiere.
7 free tickets for TF2.
7 TF2 game.
7 TF2 jetfire.
7 TF2 shia labeouf.
7 TF2 wallpapers.
7 TF2 watch full movie.
7 watch TF2 online free.
7 when does TF2 come out.
6 hot girl in TF2.
6 TF2 box office.
6 TF2 full.
6 TF2 gallery megan fox.
6 TF2 movie trailers.
6 TF2 new trailer.
6 TF2 official website.
6 TF2 revenge of the fallen torrent.
6 TF2 script.
6 T the movie 2 new characters.
6 watch TF2 for free online.
6 watch TF2 free online.
5 download TF2.
5 soundwave pics TF2.
5 stream TF2.
5 TF2 bumblebee.
5 TF2 devastator.
5 TF2 images.
5 TF2 movie online.
5 TF2 poster.
5 TF2 release.
5 TF2 revenge of the fallen premiere comments.
5 TF2 rise of the fallen.
5 TF2 sideswipe.
5 TF2 ticket code.
5 TF2 twins.
5 TF2 wiki.
5 T number 2.
5 villain actress in TF2.
4 class 2 T.
4 does optimus prime die in TF2.
4 full stream TF2.
4 meagan fox TF2.

Make sure to do a keyword research to find the profitable phrases, spy on your competition and other affiliates to see where the revenue is coming from. I talk about this a little bit on my "Incredible Hulk In Internet Marketing: Hulk Smash The Recession" post.

Here are a few pics for the fans:

Hope you enjoy the pictures and the movie!

Recommended Resources.

- Blogging To The Bank System.
- Traffic Travis - Free Keyword Research Tool.

Even with a Blogger blog you can build an authority site that will turn into another stream of income... Example: T Live Blog, and T 2 Trailer. These two blogs focus on SEO to achieve success.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Dan Patrick said...

I really like the way you mix the topics in this article, excellent job... And great niche marketing advice!

Dane Patrick

Tory Long said...

Great article Luis, love the pics!

First I was like is no way to make money by targeting a single movie trend, but the site that you point at as example is indeed doing great.

Thanks for the open eye advice!

Tory Long

Larry Knight said...

Luis i love the keyword list, and the tips are top notch also!

Please let me know what is better going after the main keyword or finding mini niches from long phrases?

Thanks Luis for sharing such a good info!

Larry Knight

Luis Galarza said...

Hi everyone, and thank you for your nice comments...

Larry, if you want to create a blog that generates money very fast I recommend you to target the long tail keywords which are the ones that are more specific that the main keyword.

Just make sure to research if that long tail have people spending money in it, and if it has a good search volume that will help you make a good income. If not you can build many niche sites or blogs to create a good number of income streams.

Yours truly,

Luis Galarza
Internet Marketing Consultant.

Follow me on Twitter and I will follow back!


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Roby Johnson said...

Luis great post like always, I just have a one question, what's the easiest way for a newbie like me to make money online blogging targeting a niche like Transformers?

I try different thing and still not a good return... I just need something to pay for my home bills and then I an jump for something bigger.

Thank LG...

Roby Johnson


Anonymous said...

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