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3 Marketing Tips To Build A Strategic Online Business

By Luis Galarza - Online Business Tips.

The Secret Of a Successful Online Business Is On The Marketing Strategies Behind It!

So, now that you know that success is all about having a strategic marketing plan design to generate exposure with the right target audience, but what is suppose to be behind the strategies? The answer is a well thought out goals. Is no way you can start a business online or offline without a direction or a goal to meet, how will you develop an Internet marketing plan? How will you prepare an advertising campaign?

That will be like driving a car on the road without knowing where you are going... It may sound fun for a road trip with your friends but not if you want to build a serious Internet venture!

I know this is one of the top mistakes made by Internet marketing beginners, and sometimes even veterans in the field make this big mistakes. They start a small home business, they heard someone saying that is money to be make in a niche (any niche) and they buy a domain name, web hosting, sign up with a few affiliate programs or MLM (network marketing) systems or just a regular business opportunity... Then they go all crazy putting banners and ads everywhere they can, and sometimes they will put them where they don't supposed to, which will create problems in the future, like loosing their audience trust, credibility, and eventually their revenue.

They don't know if any of those ad campaigns will work. They don't know what they want to achieve with each campaign... They just wish it will generate an income or at least an extra income.

This way you will make it very difficult to gain any success, because you just shooting darts without a target board. To develop strategic marketing campaigns that have better response rates or web conversion rates you need to be focus on a set of good goals, short and long term goals.

The Tactics!

There are many ways or methods to set goals the for a company, today I want to share a few tips on how to do it strategically. One thing you should know is that when you set your main target, then you need to know that you need to set short term goals for the main one. The way this work is by you creating small steps that will take you to the top of the stairs.

Here are the tips:

Your Mission: Your first goal should be to create a profitable online venture that match you main focus.

So, How will you do this?
  • One of the easiest way to ensure success is by having a good marketing plan. A good plan is the one that is focus on achieving your company visions by using the best strategies that you can find.

1. The Methods!

To make your companies plan of attack be successful you need the elements that will take help you succeed. Some of the best ways are:

You need to use the right mix of strategies.
  • You need to decide which strategies are the most effective for the type of company you own.
  • Which of those methods are going to be use the most, or which ones are the most important ones depending on ROI.
  • As you know each business is different, and some methods will not work as well in some markets, so patients is a virtue in the process of finding the right mix of methods that will work the best for your specific business. So, don't be afraid of errors, because that's part of marketing, keep testing until you find what works.

2. Solid Methods!

What are solid methods? Are the ones that are excellent for the type of business or niche you are into.

The best strategies you can use for your online company are the ones you enjoy doing. Why is this?
  • This way you ensure that each project is finish on time because you like to do it!
  • Because if you like what you doing you won't have any problem on keep doing it!
  • Just to give you an example: If you hate receiving unwanted email promotions or spam, you may not want to use email marketing strategies in your mix.
  • But, you need to know that spam is the illegal and unethical way to use email campaigns. Ethical email marketing is permission or opt-in base marketing which has a high sales conversion rate and is excellent to build long lasting relationships with your customers and prospects. For more information about this method read "8 List Building Elements", "20 Giveaways For List Building: This Is Email Marketing On Autopilot", and "Email Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid".

3. Think Out Of The Net!

I said this to remind you about traditional or offline marketing methods, not because your business is run 100% online you can't get the exposure benefits from offline advertising and promotions.

So, another good way to apply strategic tactics is by mixing offline and online campaigns.

There are many great offline methods that can be use to market an website or blog effectively, here some of those low cost tactics:
  • One that can be apply right away are tear-off fliers that you can post on main town spots like stores and non-profit organizations. Just make sure to add good copy, your website or blog URL, and a good reason for people to visit the site.
  • Another way is by buying newspaper ads or radio ads just make sure your sales copy is design to create hot leads.
  • Another way is by distributing your business card to as many people as you can and add a sense of urgency or curiosity to make people visit your website. Think viral marketing!

To keep an strategic advantage over your competition you need to keep testing and finding new methods to add to your mix and to your plan.

To get unlimited advice "on how to start a successful online venture" visit the IE Club.

Recommended Resources.

- The Shoemoney System.

The advice above is to help you open you mind to the possibilities in your promotions that can help you triple the exposure of your company in front of a targeted audience.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Leominster And Fitchburg MA News said...

Luis great post, maybe one of the best! Is true without goals the starting of an online business can turn into sand on a net... Is no way to build a successful company without having your visions and goals on paper and very clear in your mind.

I don't have many businesses or sites but my focus in just a few well organize ventures has been very profitable for me.

After your seminars and couching I making a regular monthly income from just 3 blogs, yes only 3!

So, having your visions clear and then creating a solid marketing plan with strategies that will help you achieve them is the secret!!

Thank again LG for the great advice!

Your fan...

Ramon Ramirez
Creator of Leominster and Fitchburg Mass Daily News!


Mike said...

MLM or network marketing I think is a really good, fast and legal way to earn a living - both offline and online. Too bad there are scams out there that smudge the good face of the industry. On the other hand, there are also those that are legit, some of which I'm a part of.

Sophie said...

Thanks for the great post. The best way to get started in MLM Network Marketing is by making yourself accessible to a large amount of people. Actually, MLM Network Marketing is not all that hard, it's just that people make it that way. The truth is MLM Network Marketing is an honorable and ethical home business model to get into, and it offers many people the opportunity for true financial freedom and independence. No other home business can offer us as much as MLM Network Marketing can.

Luis Galarza said...

Hi everyone,

Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your comments... Ramon, I'm glad to hear from you and good that your online business is doing very well, just keep it up, and don't forget to keep up to date with changes in the industry specially on SEO which is what your traffic is base on.

Thanks again,

Luis Galarza
Internet Marketing Specialist

Follow me on Twitter and I follow back!


Anna Phommatham said...

Great article my Luis... I think short term goals are even more important than long term goals, because long term vision for a person or company needs to be written with a pencil, so you can change them or improve as you go!

In the other hand, how you execute the short term missions is what's going to rechape your overall mission!

So, do what Luis is telling you, focus on creating strategic marketing plans that will help you accomplish your small missions, which will become a strong base for your long term visions... It doesn't matter if your main goals change or not!

Excellent post like always my Tiger!

With love,

Anna Phommatham,
Small business, marketing, and restaurant start-up consultant.


Larry M said...

I use to have problems writing down goals for my life and for my business... But, when you think of it as if it is a street address, you an manage to write some basic goals, and then shape then depending how your overall plans turn out.

This article must be read by any entrepreneur who is starting out a new business venture or someone having trouble setting goals.

Yours truly,

Larry M

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