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Google Plus vs Blogs: As Your Content Platform [Video & Infographic]

G+ vs. Blogs!

Today I want to answer a question that many new entrepreneurs and online marketers are asking about where they should publish their content, on their own blogs or on Google Plus? I share a video below by that answers this specific question, now I don't completely agree with her answer.

She makes some good points but she is treating Google+ like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, which is a big mistake! Plus is beyond a regular social media site, is in fact a completely content platform on its own.

Before I give you my answer to the question 'Google Plus or Blogs?', I recommend you to watch her video and learn from her advice, she proves very good web marketing tips, is just a little incomplete, and then continue reading to get the full response from me:

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As you can see she got some very good advice about the use of G+ as a marketing and content syndication tool. What she recommends is to publish all your content on your blog and then share it with a little summary or phrase about the information your are sharing... All this is excellent advice, the problem is that Plus is more than just a standard social network, G+ is much, much more...

Google Plus As A Content Platform.

Like I said before, I agree with her about using your blog as your main publishing tool, I also agree with her about adding your own summary or relevant phrase to every link you share, this technique has proven to increase +1's and engagement from circle and viewers. What I recommend is to make that summary or opinion a unique one, that way your post is better optimized for search engines. I will talk about how to optimize everything you share on G+ on a later post but for now is good for your to know that when posting longer articles make sure the information is unique.

What she's missing is that Google+ is a very unique and powerful content platform all by itself, and if is use right it can help you expose your brand, get targeted followers to circle you, increase engagement, give you more real estate in the search results, will level up your web or market authority, and will boost your website or blog traffic dramatically.

What I mean is that you can use G+ as your second content platform, just like you will do with an article directory, but this time you have complete control and you don't approval or anything like that. Also you need to know that you can do more with Plus post than what you can currently do over at Facebook (Updates or Notes). Below I include a cheatsheet to help you customize your post on G+.

Here is a post about how to blog with Google Plus.

Google Plus Cheat Sheet Infographic.


- Plus Influence For Business.
- Free Google Plus Course.
- Google Plus Ownage.

Now you know, use your blog as your main content publishing site and Plus as your social sharing and content syndication site. Remember to write unique content for Plus that is relevant to your niche and make sure to link to different relevant blog post to increase the value of your article.

If you are new to Plus here is a video to get started:

Please share how you are using G Plus to increase brand exposure using the comment box below.

To your content success,

Luis Galarza,
Local Web and Mobile Marketing Specialist.

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