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Google Plus: 10 Marketing Ideas To Increase Web Traffic

Many top Internet marketing experts are already trying different promotion ideas in Google Plus (Google's new social networking site), and making it part of their social media optimization plans to generate targeted web traffic to their sites or blogs and to increase their online market authority and brand awareness.

The social network have been called a powerful content marketing tool for information creators and publishers, because of its unique way to present the content to the mainstream. This mean that if you apply Google Plus marketing methods the right way, you can turn the social network into a great tool to send web traffic to any site or content in a more efficient way.

The site have a lot of features and tools that can be use creatively to communicate your message, spread your content, and develop new opportunities. But, in order for you to take complete advantage of the site you need to understand each of its features and what is possible to do with them.

Understanding Google Plus Features.

Here is a little introduction to each of those features that can help you generate web traffic and authority if use right in the social media optimization process:
Circles: Let you organized your contacts in different groups, and also include them in an specific groups for content sharing. This is awesome because you can separate contacts by location, industry, relationship, etc..
Unlimited characters posting: Google Plus doesn't limit you to 140 characters like Twitter does, because is a community site that let's you share your thoughts and ideas the way you want. So, you can post long article style posts if you want to.
Hangouts: Is a great way to get together with potential partners, clients, and affiliates. Is a video conferencing tool that can let you set meetings with up to 10 other users.
Public Interaction: Instead of keeping your engagement doors closed to those only in your list of friends like Facebook, Google+ let you interact with anybody's content as soon is public, which is great to let you find more cool stuff to share and meet new people.

So, the question is, what's working so far?...

Well, we rate each social media marketing and web traffic generation method success depending on its reach and effectiveness. Below are some of the strategies that are working very good so far:

1. Make use of the long post features to post a deep note about one of the tips you talk on a blog post of article and then share the original post link so readers can follow it for more information. This strategy help you gain engagement and feedback from your circles.

2. Make sure to have a complete profile set before you start interacting and sharing content, so make sure that you have a profile picture, full description, make us of the tag-line area to include profession - cool message - web address, and your last occupation which it should be your business information. Having a complete profile is crucial to the success of your social media optimization campaign.

3. G+ users love video tutorials, so create a few videos explaining something useful and post them there to generate more YouTube views and help your traffic generation methods. Here are 22 free tutorial videos about YouTube Marketing.

4. Be sure to add your website URL on your profile where your can add all your web properties. Is recommended to add only the most relevant like your main site, Facebook page, Twitter profile, etc., The 'dofollow' feature will also help you in your web traffic generation. Also read these 16 SEO tips to increase your rank from 0 to 2 in a week.

5. Write a good post relevant to your niche, and feature a few tips from some of your top followers or friends and include and tag their name in when sharing the link to the post, if the article is relevant and of great quality they might re-share your post with their circles.

6. Find public posts that are related to your content, then re-share them with your peers, but don't forget to add a tag promoting the creators and the finder of the information. This can open up new relationships and generated targeted visitors to your site.

7. Another way to boost your traffic generation and social media optimization is by using the hangout feature which is one of the hottest tool within the network. Some marketers are using it every week to create special training sessions, meetings to share ideas, and just to get to know their circle better.

The mini-training sessions are working very good so far, it actually generates sales and traffic. I will explain this further in next week issue of the Traffic Boost newsletter, just make sure you are a member.

8. Another great way to use hangouts is by interviewing an expert in your field and have everyone else be part of the interview by asking their own questions and sharing their opinions. Just make sure to remember that a hangout may not be to easy to moderate as a webinar or teleseminar.

9. Because of the minimum amount of member that can be interacting in a live hangout many entrepreneurs are using to stream the hangout live over a specific site which can help you build a list if is market to the right audience. Also you can use free shout-out service to make it easy for views to interact through the chat feature. Now you can also use YouTube for live events streaming!...

10. Post guides or list of resources of an specific topic in your niche, then add the title and a web address to the resource, make sure to use post from your sites and other useful content you can find, just make sure to tag the creators of each resourceful link you post.

Bonus idea!

11. I learn this one from Darren Rose from Problogger. Re-post part of your old blog post to bring them back to life, and link to the original post for those looking for more information.

Google Plus can be a very powerful internet marketing medium, even bigger than Facebook, that's why it should be part of your social media optimization strategy. Don't get behind!

To your success,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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