Sunday, February 19, 2012

37 Creative Ways To Use QR Codes In Your Mobile Marketing Strategy [Video]

Cool and Creative QR Codes!

As I mention before one of the best ways to start implementing mobile promotion strategies in your online marketing mix is by adding QR codes to your tool set, specially now that you know that you can get create your own QR code for free is no reason why you shouldn't be trying this amazing communication tools.

There are many ways creative ways offline and online businesses are using this mobile bar codes, but just in case you having trouble understanding how to apply them to your current marketing plan here are two great videos that show over 37 ways you can use them starting today.

37 QR Code Examples.

In the following presentation you gonna see 37 quick innovative examples on how you can start using this promotion and communication tools:

As you can see in the clip you can use them in different ways, they mention:

  1. On a T-shirt.
  2. On a scarf.
  3. On a blanket.
  4. On a battle.
  5. A hat.
  6. A stamp.
  7. Your business cards.
  8. On a walking person.
  9. On a building.
  10. As a fake tattoo.
  11. Even on a regular tattoo.
  12. On a button.
  13. On mugs.
  14. On your dog sweater.
  15. On a dress.
  16. On cuff-links.
  17. Etc..

Just make sure whatever is your tactic that is focus on your overall business goals.

Meaning And 25 Ways To Apply Them.

In this presentation an expert in automobile dealer marketing talk about what QR codes are and give you a few more examples of how to use them:

When building your QR code marketing campaign and if you looking to send your audience to a mobile website make sure to have some kind of offer or mobile coupon you can promote, also send prospects to a well design landing page, one that can be easy access from almost any type of cell phone or smartphone. By doing this you can have better results.

To your success,

Luis Galarza,
Web Marketing.

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Martin businesx said...

Qr codes are one of the best marketing tools right now!

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