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Product Creation: 12 Factors You Must Consider To Boost Tech Related Product Or Service Innovations

Listen To Your Customers And
Create Better Products!

Many new and even advanced marketers have problem putting together a product creation plan because they miss to focus on the number one element that can help you guarantee a successful launch, which is 'the consumer values'!...

Consumer values it should be the first thing to consider when developing a the technology related product or service that will deliver in the innovation promise. Actually, you can dramatically damage the launch and  future success of your product before you even start creating it, if you fail to address this main element if the product creation process.

If you want to amplify your results being creative isn't enough, you need to think and research about what the consumer really wants and need, even if they don't even know it yet.

The Elements For Better and Innovative Product Creation.

Here are the 12 factors you should consider if you want to develop valuable services or goods:

1. User Creativity.
Does it match the users creativity? Remember that many people maybe thought about it and were just waiting for someone to invent it. Also, it can be made to help boost the user's creativity.

2. Appropriateness.
Is it the right solution for that specific problem? Because if is just another product on the market but is not seen by your audience as the right thing they've been waiting for, they won't buy it!

3. Intelligence.
Does it have the clever effect? If people see it as a very smart solution to their problem it will make it easy for you to convince them to invest on it.

4. Personalization.
Did you make it exactly the way your audience want it? This mean if it has been customized for the end user, by taking in consideration your audience habits and likes.

5. Convenience.
You need to make sure that whatever your goods or services are, each is very useful and shows its usefulness right away.

6. Protection.
When preparing your product you can also focus on lowering the user's risk from becoming a victim of the targeted problem.

7. Simplicity.
How easy is it use or understand? Remember that the simple it is the faster you can start generating sales.

8. Connectedness.
How relevant is your product to the problem and to your niche, remember that the more specific the better your prospects will feel connected to what you have to offer.

9. Health.
Is it safe? Or, it is design to make the user's life safer? Either way you need to make sure your product is harmless.

10. Assistance.
Even if your goods aren't the whole solution, you can focus on developing a product that aids other products on the market to give a complete solution.

11. Efficiency.
Does it do what it supposed to? You need to be sure that what you offer has a high degree of quality and value. This way your prospects can justify investing on it.

12. Sustainability.
Make sure your creation will supply a support system for the end user's necessities. Also, this refers to making your new innovation durable enough.

Here is a video presentation by Guy Kawasaki titled "Product Development: Listen To Your Customers!" for more tips:

I hope Guy's presentation gave you some more nuggets about creating something based on your customers' needs.

How You Get To Know Your Customers?

Simple, just ask, test, view others tests, and do some walk... When I said just ask I mean use:
  • Surveys.
  • Polls.
  • Customers focus groups.
  • Etc...

Then do a few different test to see if people with your targeting problem like your solution, also study other businesses surveys and case studies, go to online forums to learn even more about your prospects, do keyword research, and surf the web for popular articles or blog posts on the subject.

The more you learn about your future customers the better you will get at creating the solution!

To a successful year,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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