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26 Most Useful Free QR Codes Generators [Videos]

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Now that smartphones are in almost every pocket of people in the U.S. and in the world, the use of QR codes (Quick Response Codes) have increased rapidly. Why? Because this simple mobile bar codes are very useful, it help businesses connect the offline world with the digital, usually in one simple step. Also many are doing different things to raise awareness for it like

Expert recommend the use of this tool and mobile apps to small businesses (local or national) as a way to connect with their audience in a very engaging way. If is use right in combination with a web and mobile marketing strategy you can create a win situation for your company and your customers.

The price of QR codes have decreased and now the technology is available to every business owner looking to use mobile promotions to get more brand exposure, generate leads, and increase sales.

Below I listed the best free QR codes generators on the market, each of the apps or software on the list:
  • Are easy to use.
  • Have few simple steps.
  • Have good features.
  • Can create codes with unlimited time (no expiration).
  • Offer simple or no sign-up process.
  • Are reliable services.
  • Are web based or clout based services, meaning nothing to download.

Top Free QR Codes Web Based Software.

Now choose the right tool or tools for your mobile marketing campaign. Many of this clout based software interfaces can help you create barcodes pointing to a mobile web address or URL, send personalize messages, SMS promotions, have them call your phone number, and more... Here are the apps:

1. Free QR Codes Generator.

2. Kaywa.


4. QuikQR.

5. Qurify.

6. Zxing.

7. Beqrious.

8. Delivr.

9. AzonMedia.

10. Sparqcode.

11. GoQR.

12. Online QR Lab.

13. Mobile Barcodes.

14. BeeTagg.

This one need sign up, but regular or static codes are free.

15. Uqr.

What I love about this one is that let you change the target URL anytime without the need to generate a new qr code.

16. Taggr.

17. Easy QR Code Generator.

18. 2Tag.

19. 2dCodeMe.

20. Google URL Shortener.

You can create a mobiel bar code on Google by just adding the append '.qr' after your short URL to get the code, and if you are log in your account you can also get statistics. Here is a video that shows exactly how to do it with Google URL shortener service:

21. Quiqr.

22. Likify.

This is an excellent web app that let you create bar codes to get Facebook likes. A great idea to increase your fan following for your Page.

23. QuickMark.

24. Keremerkan.

25. I-Nigma.

26. QR Jumps.

More Resources.

- Social Mobile Coupon Creator.
- Mobile Marketing Exposed Training.

I hope you found this huge list of top free QR code generators very resourceful. Make sure to use your codes in a very creative way, simple call here or sending mobile users to your site homepage isn't the best mobile strategy, instead create an exclusive offer with a personalized mobile landing page...

To you mobile success,

Luis Galarza,
Web and Mobile Marketing Specialist.

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