Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top 10 Free Mobile Apps Creators And Tools [Videos]

Free Mobile Apps Builders!

Many people have been asking me which web tools or software are the best mobile apps creators you can use for free. Now there a few open source and commercial scripts and tools that let you build your own app like OpenPlug, which now has a zero fee program for certify developers, but most of these services are for advanced users only.

After a little research I found a good set of great service and scripts that are design with the beginner in mind.

Why Having Your Own iPhone, Android or iPad Apps?

Because is a great part of mobile marketing, plus having your own applications for any or all of the top phone OS out there can help in many ways, like:
  • Increase website traffic.
  • Generate mobile leads.
  • Brand awareness.
  • It Makes you look professional.
  • And it give you an extra stream of income.
Now is all about choosing the right creator and features for your mobile gateway. Remember that mobile can have better adaptation and are easier to make that Facebook Apps.

If you aren't sure here is an interview with AT&T Mobile Ad expert Walt Rivenbark to help you understand why businesses need their own mobile application:

The Apps Builders.

Below are the best choices I found based on features, simplicity, reliability, and of course price:

1. AppMakr.
Appmakr is a web-based platform created to make building your own iPhone app quick and easy. Using existing content and social networking feeds, AppMakr is a user-friendly system allowing for the creation of native iPhone applications.

Here is a video demo:

2. iBuildApp.

iBuildApp features were designed so beginners could benefit from using easy-to-understand and simple tools when creating or updating your applications. Your application users will benefit from simplicity and super fast load periods.

Building your own application with iBuildApp takes just minutes and is completely  FREE. Your followers will see your name and icon in the App Store, your audience can download your application on their mobile devices, while in the back the promise you have a powerful content management system to do updates on the go, as many times as you want.


3. AppIncuvator. (Needs Download).

This one is a little tricky, here they give you the application to generate your idea then you submit it to them they will help you develop it and put it in the iTunes marketplace, but they keep 75% of the profit per sale.


4. FreeAndroidAppMaker.com.

The said they build and submit android applications for without charging any fees but due to the number of inquiries they get daily, they don't accept all of them. Plus, they create your application for free but place advertising in the finished app to cover their expenses. You can also upgrade to the paid service and ad-free application development.


5. Andromo.

Andromo let anyone make a professional Android application. You don't have to be a developer geek or hire an expensive programmer. They let you use your app to market your site, share events and articles, or launch your million dollar viral idea. The platform is easy and quick to use.

Here is a video with more information:

6. AppBreeder.

Building iPhone applications just turn into a walk in the park with AppBreeder. the online iPhone App Builder. No Coding. No Mac Needed. No Programming. 100% Real, Native iPhone App. If you can write a Blog...you can Build an App. Starting is free & easy...


7. FreeBlogApps.

FreeBlogApps let your readers and fans stay up-to-date with your blog post and articles from their android phones or tablets (no iphone yet). You can just share the application with your readers and keep them in touch in a very interactive way. This application builder use RSS feeds only.


8. CreateFreeiPhoneApps.com.

The team at CreateFreeiPhoneApps.com review, create, and add your app to the App Store at not charge, but also you can choose their paid services or premium applications for more features. Their zero cost creator is provided for at not cost through the use of Trialpay, which is a cool service that let you monetize by giving away your products or services. Through them you complete one offer from a top global brand and get their development service for nothing.


9. BuzzTouch. (Needs download).

This one you need to download and work on your computer and find your own hosting, but you can create iPhone, Android, tablets and also is a full feature content management system...


Who is at the bottom of the list?

10. Zoho Creator.

Zoho isn't on the main list because their free version is very limited to up to 2 users, so is great if you gonna use it for internal business management and collaboration but not for commercial.

Other resources:

Research shows that the mobile app marketplace is one of the hottest trends on 2012 and is going to get huge by 2015. So, don't get behind, all these tools have no cost to you, so is no excuses to miss the train on these profitable market.

To a better year,

Luis Galarza,
Local Mobile Marketing Specialist.

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