Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Google Knol Problems

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing And Make Money Online Tips.

Google Lunches Excellent Content Publishing Service Called Knol... If It's Good, What's The Problem?

Google finally make launch Knol, which is their new content management service, which is aim to target Digg, Wikipedia, Squidoo, and other top definition and "how-to" websites. Now that Google Knol is open to the public many people is jumping into the wagon to try to make a buck out of it, but there is also many people that really wants to contribute quality content just to help people understand more about a topic.

Knol is indeed a great tool to deliver your content and gain authority among your niche... Plus, Google is letting contributors to profit from their content pages, adding their own Adsense account information into the system.

Knol Monetization Problem.

Many bloggers are having a big problem with this part of the Google Knol content publishing program. Because, this will pulling a lot of people who think they are entrepreneurs to try to write articles full of trash just gain search ranking momentum, and make money from each Knol subject they write about.... Many are afraid of the spamming that the service is going to generate.

That's why I created the "Knol This" blog to help and to inspired people to use Knol service in an ethical way, not just to make money... Actually I'm not going to even talk about making money with Knol. But, as a Internet marketer I can't close my eyes before this tremendous web 2.0 article marketing tool. That's why I going to help you use the service to build trust, credibility, branding, industry authority, and targeted website traffic.

My focus is n the content. With a simple formula:

- Quality: Provide articles that are worth reading.

- Unique: Don't copy content from other sites like Wikipedia, be original, add on instead.

- Creative: Don't go for the single words, be creative and engage your readers.

- Targeted: Be specific, and keep your article focus in a single topic.

- Detail: Short articles won't do the magic, be a wiki type of resource.

Google don't have the potential of generating massive income like Squidoo does, with the integrated affiliate programs that can be easily target to almost any niche. Squidoo delivers higher return on investment or ROI, because you make money on each sale, not a few cents per click. Plus, Squidoo can be optimize to get high search engine ranking, with just a few links back and up to date content.

We don't want this:
- Aaron Wall View About Google Knol.
- Google Knol Is Here.
- Google Knol: A Step Too Far.

Here is part of what Techcrunch have to say about this new web 2.0 service:
Knol that will combine parts of Wikipedia and Squidoo to create a new user generated authoritative online knowledgebase of everything.

All the details aren’t fully clear yet. What we do know is that Google will offer a revenue share from each page: “If an author chooses to include ads, Google will provide the author with substantial revenue share from the proceeds of those ads,” although we don’t know at this stage how much. We know that unlike Squidoo or other sites who offer a percentage share of advertising revenue, Knol cuts out the middle man. Think of it this way; presuming Google normally splits 50% (no one knows the exact number, at it changes at different levels) of revenue from an Adsense unit with a normal publisher, in the case of someone like Squidoo or even a blog with writers writing on a rev share model they then get a percentage of the 50%; Knol on the other hand could offer a proper 50% of the actual original cost of the ad, not a percentage of the percentage: that is not only a great big advantage, it’s also verging on unfair competition.

Knol Search Engine Ranking Problem.

You may think that isn't a problem after I tell you that Knol surprisingly ranks very good in Google, hummm.... what a rep booster! Don't you think? That's why bloggers think Knol is evil, and is here to ruin your hard work. By taking top natural search positions, and take some of your income away.

In the other hand, thinking of Knol as a new type of article publishing and distribution tool will help you generate quality web traffic, build authority in your industry which make your prospect comfortable in doing business with you. You are going to get to this point by apply my content formula, which is the same for articles. And yes, Knols is an excellent web 2.0 article marketing tool, that have a lot of Google love for.

For more information about Knol use the following URLs to sign up for updates:

I recommend you to try it and adapt it to your marketing needs, or just to share some of your knowledge.

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In Conclusion: To make this new web 2.0 marketing tool, focus on providing high quality content that it's original, and have enough information about the subject.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts.

Home: http://LuisGalarza.blogspot.com.

A proud member of
- The International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs
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Well the thing is that I never herd of Google Knol, is some kind of blogging thing, I going to try it to see how it works. I know a lot of stuff about that I can post, I guess :)

Keep it cool...


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