Monday, September 15, 2008

Kwiry And Don't Forget It

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

Kwiry Is The New Mobile 2.0 Tool That Let You See It, Text It, Compile, And Share Whatever You Hear or See By Using Your Mobile Phone! Indeed A Cool Web 2.0 Innovation.

This is one of the latest mobile and web 2.0 innovations I had found, it's name is Kwiry. What makes this new mobile to web service a cool tool is that let you send a text or picture message to your online account about whatever you see or hear when you aren't close to your computer, so you don't forget later. I always carry a little notepad with to write on it anything I find interesting or every idea I come out with for a new post for any of my blogs, sites, e-zines or to use it in my articles. Kwiry can help you forget about carrying a notepad, but it will not let forget about that crazy lady you saw at the park eating bread on the floor with the birds.

The service still in beta, but they haven't report any big bugs or problems with the platform, till now it works with most cell phones, and you can view your notes or text messages online by logging in your Kwiry account or you can use any of the content aggregators and communication tool you're already familiar with, like: iGoogle, RSS, email, etc...

At first the only type of messages formats accepted by the system were text base or SMS, but since the launch the service has been improve and now you can share pictures of your findings by sending a MMS or multimedia message system to this special email: save (at) kwiry (dot) com, not to the number for text messages... this number is not set up to get pictures for now or until wireless carriers change their TXT system.

Another cool thing is that works well to post tasks on your online calendars like: Google calendar, Outlook, and others. And you can do this by adding the task to your calendar or your can add all your task to your calendar.

Also, you can view books names that you text using the Amazon shortcut, the same thing you can view Netflix movies that you bookmarked using your cellphone.

Can kwiry be use as web 2.0 or mobile marketing tool?

Don't know yet, we are doing some testing at the moment, I will give yo more information about the results by the end of the month.

To learn how you can be part of an online association full with social marketing experts and web business advisers by visiting the Internet Entrepreneurs Club.

In Conclusion: I think is a good mobile 2.0 tool that can help bloggers, and content providers. Entrepreneurs can test different tactics to see if this service have any marketing potential worth using.

To your success,
Luis Galarza,Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Thomas D said...

It works good, I haven't check the pictures yet, but the text messages work fine... Cool stuff these people come out with, don't you think Luis?

Thomas D

ron said...

Thanks Luis for the thorough post! I'm Ron, CEO & co-founder of kwiry. Happy to answer any more questions you have (ronf AT kwiry DOT com). We do offer opportunities for businesses to purchase keywords for offline advertisements (print, outdoor, radio, TV, etc.) to allow consumers to bookmark a product/service/offer website. let me know if you want to chat more about it!

Luis Galarza said...

Thank you Ron for visiting, I always looking to review and recommend new useful web innovations that can help my readers life a lot easier or can help them gain more marketing exposure for their business.

I really interest in knowing more about Kwiry's advertising services. I will send you an email interview so you can help me understand your offerings better, so I can write a review about it here and in my offline marketing blog.

Thanks again for the comment.

Luis Galarza,

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