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Mobile Marketing: Small Sites For Better Mobile Web Traffic

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

Mobile Marketing Still Very New But As A Beginners You Need To Learn From Statistics Reports. Now You Need To Know That Small Sites Have Better Mobile Web Traffic!

Yes, you read that right, mobile marketing is benefiting small sites with better web traffic. This is not something I just came out with to write a new post for this blog, first I don't do that, this information is part of a market research report made by Opera. This research shows that is true that the top 100 mobile sites are getting a lot of traffic from wireless phones, is also true that most of this traffic is going to small sites targeting a niche or sub-niche, which means that most cellphone users are following what they learn about searching from the regular web and they are using that knowledge to find relevant mobile sites, and not just general ones where they have to keep looking for the right link or information.

Opera's mobile market research is one all marketers are following because Opera owns one of the most popular mobile web browser (Opera Mini) in the world with more than 17.3 million users that generated about 60 million MB of data worldwide, and this amount is growing every month in high rates. Their mobile browser is use in United Estates, United Kingdom, Russia, China, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Germany, Ukraine, and Poland.

Mobile Marketing Strategies For Beginners.

This market research shows that you the small guys have a open chance to compete with big business on the mobile marketing field and still have create lucrative assets with not much effort. What you need to do is follow the users, they are using long tail keywords to find what they want on the mobile web, well you need to target those long tail key phrases by optimizing your sites for each of these keywords. So, just build a website per long tail niche keyword that will help you increase traffic and your opportunities to monetize that traffic. Yep, this is niche marketing for the wireless marketplace.

Here is what you need to take advantage of this traffic movement:
1. - A (Dot Mobi) domain name using the long tail keywords in it.

2. - A mobile ready website that is compatible with any cellphone.

3. - Make it marketing ready by using links to each page.

4. - Also, to have a successful marketing campaign provide small quality content.

5. - Make sure you have a contact form.

6. - Provide an instant feedback system for comments and content sharing.

7. - Don't forget to link to your regular websites or blogs, but let your visitors know that those links are for regular sites.

8. - Provide the recipe and sell the grandma special salsa tricks on your regular site. this mean, give them a reason to visit your main site or landing page.

9. - Use effective mobile advertising and instant messaging ads to marketing your site.

10. - Also you can use free mobile marketing strategies to increase traffic to your wireless site.

11.- Don't forget to add your mobile website to your online profiles.

Try to test different marketing strategies, and apply some creativity into it, remember this channel still new and is ready for improvements and innovations.

The mCommerce Opportunity.

If you're new to mobile marketing you may not know what "mCommerce" means, which is actually something very simple, it means "mobile commerce". I going to refer to every type of mcommerce opportunity available to online marketers in my new report title (sorry still a secret), but for now here a post that will help you start selling to wireless phone users for free. The article is "How To Make Money In The Wireless Industry Without Selling Cellulars Or Anything Like It".

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In Conclusion: This is the moment for beginners to get an edge in their marketing, by been in the start of the evolution of a new powerful marketing medium. Don't wait, just get it done, mobile marketing can help you increase your customers base, create new ways for communication, and increase your current revenue.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Joy said...

Cool article, but I have one question for you, is there a way or service to build a free mobile site?

please really need that info, because I have zero budget.



Luis Galarza said...

Thanks for the comment Joy. I will give you something better, I going to post a full list of free mobile sites providers, just come back in a few hours.

To your success,

Luis Galarza

Internet Marketing For The Poor!

Mobile marketing said...

I think builds free mobile wapsites

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