Thursday, September 22, 2011

How-To: Successfully Use Facebook PPC After Rates Go Up

The rise of their rates was inevitable if you know how the PPC advertising marketplace works, it happened to Yahoo, MSN, then Google, and now is the turn of Facebook PPC ads to enter the price evolution that is cause by high demand. Of course you can also use Facebook Apps to boost your marketing, but their pay-per-click platform is very responsive and you should give it a try....

Is Facebook PPC still a good place to advertise your products and your company?

The answer is yes, but when the rates go up you need to be more careful planning and setting up your pay-per-click campaign, so I recommend you to:

1. Choose your target audience the right way.
Make sure you are sending your message to the right user, if you have a local business you might want to target only your area.

2. Research your keyword and find profitable ones.
This is crucial so make sure you use the right keyword research tool.

3. Write down your campaign goals and stick to them.
Don't start without having all your goals in writing so you know exactly what you want to gain from your advertisement.

4. Plan your budget right.
Don't over look this part of your planning. Be sure to decide to keep your monthly ad investment comfortable to your pocket.

5. Plan to test your ads.
Have a set of actions and tools you need to make sure every part of your campaign can be measure.

6. Track and measure everything.
Avoid getting this wrong, you need to track everything to measure your ROI (return on investment) and to do the right changes if necessary.

7. Use A/B split testing.
On of the best ways to check which ad or landing page or element convert the best is by using A/B testing, which is simply two versions of an offer, copy, headline, etc. to see which one gets the most responses.

8. Have a well design landing page.
Having a high quality landing page is not just about graphics or design, is specially about the sales copy and the offer.

9. Tweak and improve your ads and pages.
After carefully checking your campaign statistics, now is time to make educated decisions on what to tweak, fix, or delete to improve your conversions.

10. Focus on generating leads not selling.
One thing I personally recommend you if to focus on list building by getting your prospects to give you their name and email for future follow up.

So, remember target the right audience, plan carefully, set the right budget, test your campaign, track everything, tune and improve, and last but not least generate leads. I hope this few FB marketing tips can help you run a successful Facebook PPC campaign.

To your success,

Social Media Marketing Specialist.

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