Monday, October 10, 2011

Strategic Actions = Internet Marketing Success

Take Action Now!

If you want something good to happen in your life or in your online business you need to focus on applying strategic actions!

This statement is pure common sense for many of us, but we all know there are lots of individuals that never get achieve greatness simply because they forget or are afraid to put theory into actions.

Many entrepreneurs get stock on the trying to understand a market. They put to much time thinking about it. Others waste most of their time in researching the solution instead on experimenting on the data they already have.

The sad part is that most times the fix to the problem in closer than they think. When market research data looks the same is easy for you to make mistakes. That's why is very important to experiment to help you make an educated decision...

Try to never get stock...

Avoid freezing, because without any actions you won't get any good outcome.

When you have a project on hand is a good strategy to make a plan of actions that can take you to the final goal, which is finish the project on time.  Here are some of the steps I follow:

1. Analyze the time needed to get it done.
2. Encourage yourself not to freeze and focus on acting.
3. Never put it off if not in your plan.
4. Avoid laziness by starting the project right away.
5. Avoid procrastination at all times. If you have the time, do it now!
6. Use your schedule to organize your projects each day.
7. Put your plan into action...

This approach can be use not just marketing but in any business process and in your life in general. It doesn't matter if you a trying to fix a problem, find a solution, or just planning a business or marketing campaign, the only way to get to your goals with pure old fashion actions!

Always do your research and put together as much information needed to help your see which door to take. But remember, don't contemplate the information, put it into actions right away.

Don't be afraid to act right away... Failure is always a possibility, and even with strategic actions may see no successful responses. But, you will always get some kind of data. The whole experiment or campaign will teach you something, and you become more knowledgeable than you were before.

You need to remember that actions always come before motivation, don't wait for anyone to motivate you, let your action do it for you.

Now you know what to do:

  • Observe what needs to be fix.
  • Research for information. 
  • Make an educated decision your next step. 
  • And then focus on acting!

That's why I said actions = Internet marketing success!


Luis Galarza,
Web Marketing Specialist.

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