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16 Blog SEO Tips To Increase Your Rank From 0 To 2 In A Week

After reading a very informative blog post that provides blog SEO tips to beginners about increasing their 0 rank to 2 on Google in 45 days or less, which means lots of free web traffic for you. Now I didn't write this post to tell you that their advice is incorrect, in fact I completely recommend you to read that article, which is like part one of this one...
What I gonna teach here, aren't advanced like the tactics you learn from SEO Bazooka course, but are extreme enough search engine optimization strategies that can speed up the process of getting a high rank from the big 'G'.

First, like I said before, I advice you to follow the tips on their article, he actually have some very good information, specially the part about linking to other relevant posts inside your content, and increasing the amount of post you publish per day... If your blog is new, publishing two or more posts per days that are targeting one single topic can boost your traffic instantly from terms related to your main keywords. But, if you want better and faster results, here are a few things you can do:

1. Remember that you should have some profit making posts per keyword relevant to your market, and this post should be the first content publish on your blog, if you don't have them start by creating those post first. This post is the one pointing to your products, lead capture page, or affiliate endorsements.

2. Make sure you already cover the basics in making your blog SEO ready, some of the basics are:

3. When researching for profitable keywords don't go after very competitive terms, even if those terms are long tail (specific phrases like 'used 2002 red toyota corola'). Find keywords that when search in quotes don't have more than 50,000 competitors targeting the term. Remember, if you gain high ranking for a few of your posts your home page automatically will get some of that love. I personally use three great research tools for this:

4. OK, now you need to have at least 30 original articles ready to be publish in the next week... Setting up so you publish 5 per day, which will give Google a lot of unique content that is relevant to one single subject. Don't forget to have article 5 link to 4, 4 to 3, 3 to 2, 2 to 1.

5. When writing your post, be sure to add your targeted keywords on the title, close to the beginning of your article, and add different relevant matches in the body of your information.

6. You gonna ping your site once per day using 3 different ping services, one on each day. For example:
By using ping services you can distribute your post a huge list of directories and gain 'dofollow' back link from many of them.

7. Now you need 21 short but well written original article (400 words minimum) that you can submit to content directories like EzineArticles, GoArticles, etc.. Now, what you gonna do is take 7 articles and submit them to EzineArticles, in the 'about the author' box you gonna add one link that directs to your homepage. If you submit all of them on the same day you can get them approved very fast, but in case those articles take more than a week to get approved. Then use tip number 8 below for the other articles...

8. You don't need to wait for those articles to get approve by the directories to continue in your quest to gain high ranking fast. What you gonna do now is open an account with Squidoo, which is a social information bank that is fully optimized and can help you generate back-links and gain extra search exposure with each lens (information page) you publish. So, what you gonna do is create 14 lenses targeting a different version of your main keywords and you gonna include a link using the keywords as the anchor text that directs to your home page or to your last post from each set of 5 posts you publish daily, two lenses per posts. Also add a link to the previous lens. But, keep the first lens with only two links, one to the post and another to your homepage, do not link to any of the other lenses from this one.

9. Now you need to prepare two PR pieces (Press Releases) and submit them to all the top free PR sites and to the paid service of PRWeb. By using PRWeb paid service you can get better results, maybe in get your news piece in Yahoo News, Google News, and more, plus is faster... Just remember to add a link back to your blog in the body of the press release, usually at the bottom. Check Small Biz PR Made Easy to learn more.

10. Submit your site to top online directories for even more SERP juice. Just don't abused this tactic, try to get listed in no more than 400 to 500 top directories. You can add more directories every other month, not all at once.

11. Now you gonna write a list of tips or a guide about your topic and you gonna title that post 'keyword phrase + guide', for example 'Free Blog SEO Guide'. And you gonna write a nice introduction, and then list all 30 articles you wrote about the topic. This post can also become your main post, the one is gonna get all your marketing love.

12. Now let's use the power of social media marketing. What you need to do now is submit every single post, article, press release, and Squidoo lens to social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Propeler,, etc.. Is good to use a software or a service that can do this for you, because you want to submit them to hundreds of these sites... I usually submit them to at least 200 of them!

13. Find one more social bookmarking service provider and have them bookmark your site to 200 or 400 sites for even more one way back links. You can repeat this every month to keep getting back links and traffic to your site.

14. Use paid blog post services like or Payperpost to buy sponsor post or reviews to promote your site and get a quality one way back link to your site... This method can be criticized but it works. You can read my friend Chris Brogan article title 'I Support The Future Of Sponsored Posts.'

15. Have 30 more articles ready to be publish in the next 15 days (two articles per day) after the first week, this way you keep your site up to date and feeding content to Google, so you don't loose your rank, or gain it if you fail to follow through the whole process.

16. Now let's make it simple... This tactic will cost you a little investment but is going to be well spend... To gain quick access to high ranking back links you need to advertise your site with There service let you advertise on other blogs with adds that look a little bit like Adwords, but the links are 'dofollow'.

For more advanced strategies download the SEO Bazooka video, Free Traffic Blueprint Video, and subscribe to the Free Traffic Boost course. I hope this can help you increase your blog ranking and search position.


Luis Galarza,
Local Internet Marketing Specialist.

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