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Internet Marketing Tips 2009

By Luis Galarza - Internet Business Tips and Trends.

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This post will be updated daily with a new Internet marketing tips (new tips will be post at the bottom of the list), that will cover everything from email promotions, online advertising, campaign ideas, business models, and everything to help you attract more web traffic to your site or blog and to get the best results you can from that traffic.

Now this mini tips are excellent to help you put set up action steps for you and your team that can be put on practice on a daily basics. You will also get a few motivation quotes from time to time just to help you keep the fire going. Also you will find some good videos I found that can help you in your journey. I completely recommend to check the rest of the blog if you want more detail information about any of the tips or call me and leave you question at 978-425-1422, I will gladly write a post to answer it on this blog.

Also you can follow me on Twitter for the "Daily Marketing tip" or search Twitter using the that phrase or the hashtag #dimt.

OK let's begin!

  1. For bloggers and content site owners a great way to generate constant targeted traffic is by submitting your articles RSS feed to Zimbio.

  2. Conquer your the search results for your main keyword by building sites or blogs targeting the niche with different information.

  3. If you are the face and brand your company make sure to use professional pictures, or pictures where you look good to do business with.

  4. If you use PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, check organic result for videos in top position, this can take a lot of the traffic you can get. Focus on keywords where videos are not in the search results.

  5. For SEO: Universal search result means you need to mix content syndication and use audio, video, images, PDF files, and text.

  6. Bloggers don't be afraid to link to other blog, people usually visits the blog that is linking to them or is sending traffic.

  7. Make sure to build your Internet business model base on a profit generating funnel. For example: capture page, oto (One Time Offer), up sale, info, backend offers, etc.

  8. On Twitter: Make sure you deliver a sense of quality by sharing only quality stuff, this way you will increase the value of your word and brand.

  9. A Tip on viral marketing... Hire a freelance software developer and have him build a small niche related app., then give it away for free with your information on it!

  10. For SEO and Credibility: Prepare a least one press release every month have it check by a PR expert like "Your Pitch Sucks" and distribute the articles to PR directories like PRWeb.

Also check the following training videos:

Video 1: Increase Traffic.

Video 2: Generate Traffic With Press Releases.

Video 3: Build Web Traffic Channels.

Increase Traffic - How to Increase Web Site Traffic - video powered by Metacafe

To find more details about each mini-tip just use the search box at the top of this blog or call 978-425-1422 and leave your question in the voicemail.

Recommended Courses & Tools.

- Search Engine Marketing Lab: Unlimited SEO/PPC Advice.
- Cashmaps Print Newsletter. Copy these Online Business Models.
- Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online. Complete eMarketing Course.

Don't be shy and share your own online marketing tips by clicking on the comment link below this post, or if you think some of this tips are worng or want to add to it please do, the more we share the more we learn, the more money we all make.

To your success,

Luis Galarza,

Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.
Feature on the Leominster and Fitchburg MA News blog.

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Roger T said...

Cool post Luis, i love the tips if you are going to be updating this post, I need to bookmark this page...

Keep thos money making tips coming!

Roger T

Leominster n Fitchburg MA said...

Luis you always have some great advice about marketing a business on the Internet, i want to see more tips and ideas about link building and instant traffic systems.

Great list LG!

Ramon Ramirez

Rupee G said...

This is a good page to be bookmarked if is going to be updated daily, so far the tips and advice are excellent.

Rupee G

Darel G said...

Can I add...

Combine SEO and PPC marketing to gain even more web marketing exposure...

Darel G

Blogger said...

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Sometimes people don't believe me when I tell them about how much money you can get filling out paid surveys online...

So I show them a video of myself getting paid $500 for participating in paid surveys.

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