Saturday, July 30, 2011

5 Tips To Stay Above The Internet Marketing Matrix

Let me explain what I'm talking about when I referring to stay above the Internet marketing matrix... First, let me ask you this, have you watch the very popular movie 'The Matrix'? If you haven't, the movie plot is about this fake dream world created by the machines or robots to keep humans thinking that we're living a regular life, when the reality was that humans were sleeping, connected to their mainframe, because we've been use as power generators or a simple battery.

On the web this happens almost all the time, specially in business marketer like network marketing (MLM), affiliate promotions, business information market, etc.. Many people think that faking it and creating a alternate world where they are super successful can help them become instant masters or gurus in their industry, which they hope it result in more sales.

The Truth.

This type of fake acts don't help you become a master, what you doing is lying to yourself, and to everyone who listen to you. You can gain even more by being true to yourself and to what you have accomplished. I really have to agree with the guys from Above The Matrix (Automated Website Software Company), that to make it in this business you need to show real prove or samples of what you can do or of your knowledge, here what I recommend in this world where you can use the help of new technology like the rise of social media marketing to build a real legit online company:

Use the tips below when creating your landing pages (lead capture pages or salesletters).

1. Remember that if you want to become a real brand in your market that real masters have real names. So, avoid using nicknames specially on your social media profiles and business sites. If you didn't know Google+ (Google's new social project) don't accept fake names.

2. A real master have a line of virtual real estate and products. You can do this by submitting good articles to directories, have multiple presence on different social sites like Facebook - Google Plus - Twitter - Linkedin - etc., follow Google recommendations by having a blog+website+web community.

3. If you really want to build a professional presence on the web and become a real master in your niche you need to have a real business address (home address is OK), a phone number or voicemail, if you have a staff show it off, post pictures of you working on your office or desk at your home, just show that you are for real.

4. If you did a good job position yourself on the web as an authority in your industry by syndicating and distributing original useful content in the form of article, videos, webinars, podcasts, graphics, tweets, etc., you don't need to show any type of fake screen shots to show that what you are selling works.

5. Remember what Guy Kawasaki said, that real gurus aren't afraid to show off their real life and pictures on the Internet or anywhere.

So, stay and build a real world business and live the Matrix strategies for the posers, be original, be helpful, care about others success, and success will come to you.


Luis Galarza,
Web Marketing Specialist.

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