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SEO: Why Yahoo Sites Rank Better Than Googles Sites [Statistics]

Top U.S. Web Properties!

Yes, you heard that right Yahoo sites have better SERP or search engine ranking that Google and other top websites. As you can see on the image above where it show the top 10 websites in U.S. by rank, the big "Y" is number one. I know that many people think that nobody uses the site anymore, just because other sites like Facebook are getting all the buzz, the fact is that they have million of users, they have more people with Yahoo email account than Gmail accounts. And not only that Clickz reported that they also have the most display ads impressions.

Here is what the image shows, for
those browsing with disable images (I don't know who will do that, the web looks disgusting with no images, but that just me :o).) The research below was done on August 2010 by comScore and shows amounts of average unique visitors per site:
  1. Yahoo - 179,000.
  2. Google - 178,800.
  3. Microsoft - 165,300.
  4. Facebook - 148,000.
  5. AOL, Inc. - 107,100.
  6. Glam Media - 98,000.
  7. Ask Network - 88,300.
  8. Turner Network - 84,500.
  9. Viacom Digital - 81,500.
  10. Fox Interactive Media - 80,200.

That's a good list, you may not be familiar with some of those firms, but these are huge media companies.

Why? And How To Boost Your Ranking?

Knowing why is this can also help you apply some of those SEO strategies to boost your site ranking and increase your web traffic.

* First, you need to know that one thing that help Yahoo keep their top search position is the time weight on their domain name or URLs. The company have been in business and live online way before Google. That's why many marketers looking to start a new online venture always look to buy old domain name or websites to gain their time weight and all those back links they already build over time.

* Lot's of back links is the other reason the site is number one. Remember that such an old site must have millions of other websites linking back to them, plus they're not only are a search engine, they also are a news sites that produce high quality content on a constant basics.

In the other hand Google don't produce much content what they do they do things that others want to write about. In the case of Facebook, they do both, they have over 500 million people linking back to their Facebook pages or profiles, and at the same time the company does news worthy events that have others write about it, they even have sites that are following every single move they make to write about it like Mashable and media websites.

Which strategy is better? As we can see both SEO techniques are great, the fact is that if you can produce events that make publishers write about your company, you need to write up to date unique content, and also submit press releases or use article marketing to generate back links for your site.

* The other reason is content... Now, everyone even me tells you that you need to provide unique useful content in order to help your search engine optimization efforts, but if your follow sites like Facebook, you might notice that most of the content published there is duplicated content. So, why they still get such high ranking? The answer lies on the new need of having rapid up to date content like Twitter. Don't get me wrong, do not use duplicated content on your website or blog, but is completely OK to do it on your social profile updates or tweets. But, you can get more traffic if you increase your post frequency on your site or blog.

* Last but not least, you need to have a very well optimized on-page link structure. Which means, make sure you are linking to other relevant pages in your site, but like I said, must be relevant. Also, means that every time you link to an area or page inside your website you need to use the right anchor text which should have targeted keywords relevant to the page you are linking to. This is something Yahoo does better than anyone, and also they have millions or internal links giving ranking juice to each other.

So, optimized your on-page and off-page factors like Yahoo or any of the sites on the Infographic above and you will be on the right path.

You truly,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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