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10 Ways You Can Really Make Money Selling Affiliate Products

Effective Affiliate Promotion Tactics

The other day a got a call from a someone who found me through my Google Place business profile, yep those little free web sites actually work. After introducing ourself, shoot a quick question, "can you really make money selling affiliate products?" I felt his frustration, so instead of just giving him a simple "YES", I decide to learn more about what he really think or knew about affiliate marketing, online advertising, and Internet marketing in general.

Right away he told me that he has been trying to sell other merchants products for about 3 years without any good results and he was ready to quit the whole web marketing thing for good. He has been reading all kind of articles, blog posts, and ebooks he found online. He also sign up for every single business newsletter on his path. I told him that his first mistake was that he was
overloading himself with information... It's OK to sign up for newsletters, read blogs posts, articles, and reports as soon as you plan to integrated into your business.

Back To Business School.

The right process for your learning it should be school style. This is what I mean; you need to focus, so pick a subject like "SEO strategies" then what you need to do is find reliable information sources (free and paid) that will help you learn the basics and then take you to a more advanced methods. Now, set up a one or a few websites or blogs where you are going to be applying what you learn. Ever time you learn a new technique apply it, and don't read anything else until you finish your home work. This way you make yourself more accountable for each aspect of your Internet business development and marketing.

This is what I think:
"If you approach each part of your business with good focus you will open the doors to massive success." By me Luis Galarza.

Tips For Beginners.

Before I give you the strategies let share with you some of the most common Internet marketing mistakes made by newbies in the industry, and most of these mistakes were also some of the reasons my client wasn't making any money online:
  • Have a site full of general information, not targeting an specific audience.
  • Trying to hard sell associate products.
  • Posting unrelated products.
  • Selling digital products the wrong way.
  • Promoting low commission products like books, and expecting to make millions.
  • Promoting low quality products.
  • Not building an opt-in email list of hot leads.
  • Using duplicated content and PLR articles on their sites.
  • Providing poor quality content.
  • Advertising your websites on irrelevant sources.

So, how you can fix this problem? Here are a few tactics you can start implementing right now to take your online businesses to a profitable level. You can also read "49 Affiliate Marketing Tips" for more free advice:

Step 1. Do a good keyword research to find profitable terms in your niche.

Step 2. Build a website, blog or landing page with information base on those keywords.

Step 3. Don't sell, instead write review articles where you recommend the product.

Step 4. Write one recommendation article per product. This way your will increase your sales conversion.

Step 5. Make sure each product you refer is highly relevant to your market.

Step 6. I recommend you that when you start, concentrate on promoting low cost digital products or mid price range physical products from top networks. Until you get good at finding profitable products. Also, look into continuity programs for easy residual income.

Step 7. Research the goods before promoting, to make sure it is of great quality and of high value. If no information is found online, try to buy it first.

Step 8. Be sure to build an email list for future follow ups, build relationship with good content, and back end sales. This is one of the best online business models.

Step 9. Avoid using duplicated content on your site, write original useful content of your own or hire a freelancer or ghostwriter at or Also, if you plan to use PLR articles make sure to rewrite the content to make it unique and add a lot of value to them.

Step 10. Pick your advertising medium the right way, make sure the site you advertising on has enough traffic and is targeted to your market.

I hope these simple tips will help you boost your affiliate marketing success.


Luis Galarza,
Web Marketing Consultant.

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