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Boost Your Internet Marketing Success By Focusing On 3 Audiences

Did you know that knowing the difference between the three type of targeted web users can help understand how to shape up your Internet marketing strategies to achieve the success you and your business deserve!

That's why I want to SHOW you three types of audience you MUST serve in order to take your business to the next level.

Before I share with you these secrets, let me ask you these questions:

-> What is the #1 reason people FAIL online?

-> Why is it that even though we KNOW that customer come first, YET, there are other voices on the Internet told you NEED to serve people BEYOND your customers to have raving fans.

-> What should you do differently to ensure that these three types of audiences are being served properly?

There were too many marketers believing that as long as they did their best for their customers, that's all it takes. Not only is this a big mistake, but it is also the reason WHY you are not able to get word of mouth advertising for your business.

You see, because of the social media revolution, people TALK and share information with each other all the time. Whether they are your customers or NOT, they will just keep talking all the time. This is the reason WHY you need to do things differently from the way you have done your business in the past. WHY?

It's because you can NO LONGER satisfy only your customers. Instead, you need to focus on EVERYONE in the neighborhood or on the web.

"What do I mean by that?"

Let's say someone asked about YOU from the people in the neigborhood. What will they say about your business? What will they say about you? This is very important.

It also means that IF they have no clue about who you are and what you do, they will make a JUDGMENT about you and your business that is NOT accurate at all.

With the power of social media, the SPREAD of negativity would go even faster than ever. How will this impact your business?

How will you receive more customers IF you are only focusing on customer's satisfaction?

Your customers can stay QUIET.
Your customers can stay SILENT.
Your customers may tell only few friends.

But, they will SPREAD of the negativity of your business so fast and with such a passion that can go to thousands of ears without giving you a SLIGHT CHANCE of explaining your business. This is WHY you need to do something
different in your business.

What will that be?

One sentence: "Focus on three type of audiences"

Who are they?

(1) People who have NO clue about you, but they want to know what you can do to SOLVE their problems.

-> They are your visitors.

-> How do you satisfy their curiousity about your business?

-> How do you make them feel that you are a trustworthy advisor?

-> How do you motivate your visitors to feel that you are a knowlegable person in the industry you are in?

The ultimate goal will be... "How do you motivate your visitors or curious fellows to become your subscribers?"

It is NOT just about having a powerful squeeze page. A Squeeze page alone does not have enough incentive for people to get to know you.

So, what will it be? This is something that you need to discover in your marketing.

Now, as soon as your visitors become your subscribers, your next step will be to focus on...

(2) People who have already trusted you with their personal information.

-> They are your subscribers.

-> How do you satisfy your subscribers inner desire to purchase your product?

-> How do you solve their problems even if they have not purchased from you?

-> What should you do differently in order to make them feel confident that the products you are giving them are top notch? -- And you are truly focusing on helping them to achieve their goal?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself over and over again throughout your ventures. You see, even when people subscribe to your e-newsletter, you can't just take advantage of them.

You need to nurture them.

You need to show them the path.

You need to educate them all the time.

This is HOW you are able to motivate them to purchase your product. Even if they don't, they know that the ONLY thing that block them from purchasing from you would be the funding that they need.

As soon as you satisfied the "inner desire" of your subscribers, your next step will be to focus on...

(3) People who have already purchased from you.

-> They are your valuable customers.

-> Do you make a habit to overdeliver on your offer when providing a product to your customers?

-> Do you do anything in your power to provide the highest quality product or service to your customers?

-> Do you provide enough value to make your customers feel your products are the only products they need to FULLFIL their needs?

These are those questions you need to ask yourself before you endorse your product to the public.


Remember that every product that you create has to be BEYOND your customers expectations. Even if you decide to become an affiliate marketer, you should NEVER endorse low quality products to your audience.


It will RUIN your reputation in the market place right before your eyes. This is especially TRUE in the era of the social media when people will talk about you and your business to their "friends".

The question to you will be...

"What Are You Going to Do to Serve Three Types of Audiences in Your Business?"

It starts NOW, ok? :-)

Watch for my next lesson!

To Your Success,

Luis E Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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