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What Marketing Lessons Can A Craft Industry Top Website Teach You

Craft Business Internet Marketing

Many people think that nobody makes money with a craft business, what they don't know is that there are many successful entrepreneurs making a great living selling products and services in that market. In fact the Craft Organization Directors Association reports shows that craft is a $13 to $14 billion a year industry, is the U.S. alone. As you can see many people in the U.S. are making a good annual income from this market, the CODA reported that the average craftperson or entrepreneur makes around $76,000 per year.

Before I continue with the Internet marketing lessons, here are more facts about this market:
  1. U.S. have more than 126,000 craftpeople.
  2. 64% of them are females.
  3. There are 67,967 searches for key-phrases with the word craft in it every month.

That's just to show you that even so this is a very competitive market there are many entrepreneurs that turn their unique skill into a great money making venture. Now with the help of
eBay and other online marketplaces is even easier for craftpeople to gain access to a wider targeted audience and build a successful small company. One way to start in the right path is better to think of a very unique new business idea that can catch market attention drive to your goals.

Another thing you need to know your stuff and develop your skills, a great resource of very useful information and tools is Purple kitty Yarns ( This website is an awesome place for craft lover, for people who want to learn the skills, and a great resource of fun stuff to do for kids and their families. They are the top resource for free patterns and craft goods.

This is why I decided to analyze their site and take some great lessons from such a successful website just for you.


This crochet patterns site does many things very well, and you can learn much from them. But, today I just want to point out at some of the best tips you can absorb from their online business, and try on your site in a strategic way. Remember that you need to adjust the technique accordingly with you business and audience needs. does four things the way it should be done, here there are:

Number 1, Market Focus: The whole content from top to bottom is highly targeted to their audience, which is one of the reason people looking for information about craft things love this site. Because it doesn't matter where you go on the site it will not show you something irrelevant, so if you looking for crochet patterns you will find it there. Just take a look at some of the main categories, which by the way are free:

    * Afghan Patterns
    * Children's Clothes Patterns
    * Christmas Patterns
    * Cross Stitch Patterns
    * Doily Patterns
    * Halloween Patterns
    * Hat Patterns
    * Holiday Patterns
    * Pattern Squares
    * Pillow Patterns
    * Poncho Patterns
    * Purse Patterns
    * Scarf Patterns
    * Shawl Patterns
    * Sock Patterns
    * Sweater Patterns
    * Vest Patterns

Number 2, Very Useful: The content of the site is unique and of high quality. What I love about their content is that they know how important is to have lots of great content on their site, not just to gain Google love, but to become a one stop solution for their audience and readers. the keyword here is 'details'. If your source of income depends on the quality of your content, one way to increase the value of your information is by providing lots of details.

Number 3, It's Sticky: Like I wrote in a previews blog post, if you give your articles the Wikipedia treatment you can turn your site into an sticky one, where people go and don't want to leave because the information is so good. Well, does a great job on applying this content technique to their site, in fact their website is like a wiki of craft, so makes it so natural for people to bookmark it on their computers, share it with their social media friends, etc.. You see how quality can be use as a powerful viral marketing tool? How cool is that?...

Number 4, Unique Giveaway: Providing a free web tool or app or something cool and unique that can also help you retain your visitors on your site longer, and they will come back for more. In the case of Purple Kitty Yarns, they have a bunch of great eye catching giveaways that targets families, moms who want activities they can do with their kids, and kids in general. Here are some of their giveaways:

    * Free Coloring Pages
    * Free Drawing Lessons
    * Free Kids Crafts
    * Free Kids Games
    * Free Kids Puzzles
    * Free Paper Dolls
    * Free Song Lyrics
    * Free Recipes
    * Random Stuff

Now go and review your site and see how you can incorporate this Internet marketing and website lessons onto yours to help you increase your conversion rates per visitor, and to create loyal readers. Let me know what you think about this techniques. Plus, don't forget to take a look a is great place for creative minds!

Also, I have a question for you: What are your website challenges?...

Yours truly,

Luis E Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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