Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Project Black Mask: Interview With The Chris

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Beginners Training Guide Blog

Is Project Black Mask A Scam? Here Is My Interview With Chris The Creator Of The New Project Black Mask Adsense Report To Give Us The 411 Review About The Book!

OK, I think maybe you heard about the launch in the last 24 hours of a Internet marketing report call Project Black Mask, which have web traffic generating strategies that will work for Google Adsense and affiliate programs. Well, at least this is what the creator of this is what all officially rumours from the Black Mask Adsense team which is also the team that created Day Job Killer and Affiliate Project X. This two marketing training reports are full of powerful strategies that can help you put some real cash on your pocket.... So, do you really need to get the new Black Mask Adsense training guide? Let see what Chris the creator of this project can tell us about it.

I decide it to do this interview after I receiving over 180 e-mails in the last few days asking me about the guide, and to give my review or critique about the techniques mention in the book which currently are just under two dozen copies in circulation.

Now that the 24 hours launch is in the pass (Tuesday June 2007), I wanted to give Chris and his team the opportunity to clarify exactly what Project Black Mask Adsense is, and answer some of the most common questions entrepreneurs have.

Q: What is Project Black Mask Adsense?
A: Black Mask is the new self-contained, step-by-step guide to profiting from free traffic via a loophole in the search engines. You can boost off the free traffic and then make your
money through AdSense or affiliate marketing. The guide is exhaustive (99 no-fluff pages full with step-by-step training, 2 full length videos), and extremely devious.

These are very simply the methods that Black Mask marketers use to generate job-killing revenue with. All the marketing techniques are completely cutting-edge: the project was contributed to by some very underground, very-high earning Black Mask online top marketers. Up until now, no-one was talking, but now you have access to the same techniques they use. The entire, devious game is exposed for what it is: a highly nasty, rinse-and-repeat way to make a very good living doing business online...

Q: But, why the name Project Black Mask or Black Mask Adsense?
A: The "Project" comes from the fact that this has literally been several months in the making and research, just like my last major time-out, "Affiliate Project X". While I normally swipe techniques from the most successful wealth-builders to create my material, in this case, I made an exception - and did the project as a joint venture for better development and more unique tactics.

This means that the guide you will download from the site is completely definitive and up-to-date because it comes directly from the source. Why "Black Mask"? Because it was the most apt (read: devious) name that we could come up with. And believe me, these methods are not for the faint-hearted...

From the site:

"The Insider" takes Blackhat and pumps it full of invisible steroids. So if Google "happens" to ask you to pee in the cup, they find nothing but crystal clear pee!

Q: Do you get free Google Adwords clicks by pausing and un-pausing your ads, off-setting the cost of ad spend by selling ads, etc, etc?
A: No. No. No. The loophole does not involve pausing or un-pausing our Adwords accounts or anything like that.

In fact, the loophole doesn't even involve your Adwords account- it just so happens that Google will be sending us free traffic instead of paid traffic. Then, we rinse and repeat - and the money inevitably follows. We do not sell ad space on our sites to cover Adwords costs - since there *are* no Adwords costs at all.

Q: What price are we talking about for Project Black Mask?
A: Expect one that you can afford - with one caveat: you know I give launch discounts that always disappear at a whim. So, don't get caught out by not taking action quick enough. This is a very serious proposition that works, and you don't want to miss out on what is a very narrow window of opportunity.

NOTE By Luis Galarza: Chris is selling the Project Black Mask Adsense report for $77 for the first orders and then it will go up to the regular price of $97.

Q: Who would be interested in Project Black Mask? Is only for Google Adsense?
A: The book is aimed to serious entrepreneurs who want to quit their job, but prefer to do it in a "low budget" way. It is also for those of my members who don't mind being ruthless and side-stepping a few "rules" to accomplish their goals. If that sounds like you, step up to the plate and visit the site.

Q: Any tips for affiliates?
A: Yes: But first I need to let you know that to become an affiliate you need to purchase the product, then promote Project Black Mask on launch week. I have spent a good part of my last three guides stressing to you how important it is to push a product early. Well, tomorrow you will see this at work. My advice is to promote the book as soon as it drops. Any [adsense] or [affiliate] related keyword is likely to be profitable, and of course the [project black mask] keyword will be a very big money-spinner for those who come out on top.

If you have Day Job Killer or Affiliate Project X, you know the tools to apply to affiliate marketing. If you have a list who might be interested, be sure to let them know at this very week and not a moment later. But remember, over $300,000 was made on launch day with DJK, so it's a good idea to push it somehow... Be creative!

So there you have it direct from the the creator of Project Black Mask Adsense himself Mr. Chris... To download your copy of Black Mask just click here! But, before that check my zero B.S. review of the product at "Review: Avoid Project Black Mask Adsense"

NOTE: The Project Black Mask Adsense teach underground Internet marketing and search engine optimization tricks used by some top marketers, most of this tactics are Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies but with a clever trick that will hide your techniques from Google. See my review first.

To learn more on how to marketing you business on the Internet click here.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant

About Author: Luis Galarza is a respectable Internet Marketing and Small Business Consultant in the area of Leominster and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Also, he had teach 100's of entrepreneurs how to make money online without a their own product. For more information about his Free Affiliate Marketing Course.

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