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Blogging For Money: Monetizing Blog Posts

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

If You Are Blogging For Money, Are You Using Every Strategy To Monetize Each And Everyone Of Your Blog Posts? If, Not, Here Is How!

For every online marketer who use their blog as revenue generating VRE (Virtual Real Estate) you need to always experiment and test new ways to monetize your blog from each post or article. Off course you can sell sponsorships or advertisement on your site, link to affiliate programs, use Adsense, etc., but if that's the only way you are making a revenue from your blog, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

You need to remember your visitors eyes are focus first on your content, not on your design or your sponsor ads, specially not on your sponsors. So, if you visitors attention is on the content of each post, don't you think that putting some lucrative sources there is the smart way to increase your site's income?

Here are a few blogging for money strategies you can use to increase your profits per blog post:

1. - Link back to relevant content post form inside your site. This way you can double or triple your chances to make a profit from your information. I'm not going to teach SEO for blogs here, this is just an excellent way to make your visitors send more time in your site and more time viewing your profit links.

2. - Find and research a few affiliate programs or joint ventures (you can also consider MLM or network marketing companies) that you can promote through out your articles. Make sure each program is legal, reliable, and offer quality products.

3. - Make sure each affiliate program is closely relevant with the content of your post, not with the general topic of your blog. This will increase your affiliate link click-through and sales. This take us to strategy number 4.

4. - Find a product or service relevant to each of your site categories, this way you can have a few revenue sources per each topic that you write about in your blog. Remember that relevancy is the key here.

5. - Don't apply in your face marketing, this is the type of marketing that will interrupt the reader to make sure they see your ads or links. I know you seen this type of marketing tactic on top blogs, the problem is that this fortune 500 companies have the power and money to obtain new visitors and you don't.

6. - You need to know that testing and tracking have to be part of your Internet marketing plan, this way you can tune your strategies and see what works better for you and your niche.

7. - Experiment new monetizing tactics and sources and keep those that deliver the highest conversion rates. Strategic business innovation is the best way to take your blog to the next level.

8. - Offer a good list of quality resources partner links and other good non-profit sources of extra information that can help your readers increase their knowledge on your post topic.
Also, make sure you read my 48 affiliate marketing tips for more information about monetizing partnerships.

Sources For Monetizing Your Blog Posts.

Ad Networks: Like Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher. Use them at the beginning of your articles, to the right or left, just test which side give you the best results.

Affiliate Links: Locate your referral links through your content strategically, use the main keywords as the anchor or link description.

Affiliate Recommendations: Use personal recommendations that can add value to your the product or service you are promoting. This can boost sales fast.

Reviews: Is two ways to do this, one you can post a personal review of a relevant product you just bought or tested, or you can sign up with sites like PayPerPost, ReviewMe, and SponsoredReviews to sell personal reviews in your site.

Contextual Ads or Inline Ads: These are custom link ads relevant to your content that can be add by signing up with services link Adbrite, Clicksor, DoubleClick, etc.

Post Sponsors: In some niches readers don't like this type of ads, but you can try it and see the results. You can sell sponsor ads in line or text ad at the bottom of your post to avoid annoy your readers, also you can use services like Qumana.

Check the complete list of resources to make money online for more choices.

Try to use one or two different ways to monetize your content, just test and keep the ones that give you the best conversions. But, don't sacrifice your readers for trying new ways to make money online, if you are experimenting or testing a new service or strategy make sure is been use stand alone, not in combination with others.

In Conclusion: Remember that your readers are your main assets and the bare bone of your Internet business and will be completely wrong to brake any good relationship you already have with your visitors, and instead of thinking about any way of making a dime from them, will be better to turn those readers into long term assets and provide quality information that they will appreciate.

To learn how you can be part of an online association full with Internet business experts and marketing advisers by visiting the IEC.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Ray said...

Luis, you got some excellent tips here, you really open my mine about monetizing my blog, I though Adsense on the top or on the site was the best way, but I was loosing money by forgetting to add some type of revenue source into my content...

Thanks for the tips.


Dony again said...

I need to apply some of this strategies, because my RSS feed subscription when up and my income have been going down...

I need to make those RSS feeds produce some extra income.

Thanks for sharing such a good tips.

Dony again :)

rob said...

great tips for new bloggers! one of the best ways to blog success is thru networking with other bloggers. check out news on one of the best blog conventions -

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