Wednesday, September 20, 2006

MONEY TIPS: Make Money Even If You Product Don't Sale...

By Luis Galarza, Easy Web Traffic and Money Making Tips

Hi Netpreneurs,

So you have a nice design web site, prepare to take orders, with a "Good" sales copy but your product still not selling enough or not selling anything at all... You try everything, do regular changes, cool stuff to try to make your site more sticky, you send solo ads to other newsletter subscribers, send 1,000's of top sponsor ezine ads, buy 1,000,000 unique visitors, join all the free or paid traffic exchange services, and still no sales!

So what can you do to produce some Cash Flow even if your product is not pulling sales. Here are some of the things you can do to add more income opportunities to your web site:

  1. Start building your own opt-in email list of subscribers, by putting a opt-in form at the beginning of your sales page (after your headline, sub-headline, and intro), on the middle, and at the end. To get subscribers faster offer a free course, free ebook, free consultation, free the first 3 chapters (if your product is a ebook), free demo version (if your product is a software). Then provide good content to your list and start promoting and recommending related affiliate products.
  2. Play the adsense game the smart way, meaning depending on what you are selling, you can put some adsense at the bottom and middle or on the side bars of your web page don't put them at the top, you don't want to look desperate for money. If you can use a adsense clocker so your site can stay on search engines longer.
  3. Recommend affiliate programs related to your niche: Do not put banners between your sales letter, let your sales letter do what it suppose to do, SELL! The best way to do this is by creating a side bar on your web page and say something like "We Also Recommend:". Forget about small banners, just ad a small headline or title ad (Headlines are the most important part of your sales letter), the product picture, and maybe a little description. Or just ad a little text ad link (like an adword), this works really good...
  4. Another way is to related your product to affiliate companies that already using the techniques that you are teaching, this work really good for online courses, ebooks, and software. Plus, this can help you sell your actual product because your visitors can see others using the techniques your about to teach them...

On my newsletter I teach two more powerful ways to integrate affiliate links on your web page that can give you instant sales even if your visitor leaved your web site...

Now if your product is not selling maybe you're marketing to the wrong niche. Remember that to make it on any business you need to present your offer to the right target market. Learning how to find and sell to desperate buyers is the business key to the success of the biggest companies in the world. Because successful businesses are base on promoting your service or product to a Hungry Crow...

Is your time to find yours...

To Your Success,

Luis Galarza

About: Luis Galarza is a respectable Marketing and Telecommunication Consultant & CEO of Cogni360 and Associates. Also, he teach 100's of entrepreneurs how to make money online without a thier own website, or product. For more information about his Free Affiliate Marketing training service go to:

A proud member of The International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs

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