Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Marketing Experiment: Burger King Found The Holy Grail of Marketing

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing And Make Money Online Tips.

It Is Possible That Burger King Found The Holy Grail Of Marketing?

Well in 2006 Burger King turn a marketing experiment into a marketing hit. Before I continue, what do you think will be the holy grail of marketing? What about getting a large amount of people spend hours viewing and interacting with your brand, and even have them paid you to do it.

Wow! Just imaging a powerful such marketing strategy will be, how much new customers will you company generate, how many more sales, and what about doubling your income and profits, because people is paying you to view your brand and marketing message. Well, my dear online marketers this is exactly what Burger King did. By mixing a good design and develop video game with their branding strategies.

They actually have their customers paid $3.99 for each video game, which feature their King, the Whopper Jr., and the Subservient Chicken. The game development aim to the most popular video game console on that year, which is still the number one today, the Microsoft Xbox.... the video game have the BK characters riding racing small motor-bikes, bumper cars, and also you need to give hamgurgers to people, the game became so popular that it sold over 2 million copies in about 4 weeks, which made it the best selling xBox games that was launch on the holiday season in 2006. Plus, was part of the top 10 best selling video games of that year.

Did the marketing experiment worked... Yes, it did! Burger King increase sales on that quarter and pull a 9% increase on their revenue.

As you see while others were talking about video game advertising or Gamevertising, BK were taking that new brand marketing channel into the next level, by making it's own game, that turn into a viral marketing bullet.

As a marketing beginners with not much money to invest, how can you still use such a good marketing strategy?

This can be a big question, but before I give you some tips on how you can apply such a strategy and find your own holy grail, you need to understand that this post it's mean to inspire the creativity in you, it's about thinking different ways to have your customers engage with your brand, and build trust.

TIPS: A few simple things you can do to gain some viral marketing momentum for your Internet business.

1.- Go to sites like Elance.com, Guru.com, and Rent-A-Coder, and hire a video game developer to create a small but fun video game that is related to your company. And maybe make you the main character in the game.

2.- You can create something that doesn't compete with your main offerings, and give it away for free. Remember that have to be something that can carry your brand and site URL with it. Also, need to be something that people is looking for, because if nobody is looking for what you created, your campaign will fail from start.

3.- If you decide on using online video, to have the same effect as Burger King video game did, you need to make a long video with a lot of quality information. Ad, slide show, images, or at least a white board to help people interact better with with you.

I hope this few tips can get you started, and maybe find a marketing holy grail that will generate massive web traffic and revenue for you.

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In Conclusion: Always experiment with different ways to get your customers spend more time with your brand, and a marketing message that will make them understand what you offers are.

To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts.

A proud member of
- The International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs
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