Monday, July 07, 2008

Derek Gehl's Internet Wealth Explosion Training System Scam Review

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing And Make Money Online Tips.

Derek Gehl Just Release Internet Wealth Explosion Training System New Bundle Business and Marketing Package For Online Entrepreneurs... Scam? Here Is My Review!

I just got in the mail my Internet Wealth Explosion Training System package and I spend the whole day viewing the 16 DVD training (which by the way I watch them in my new portable DVD players they send me for free as one of my bonus) and the rest of the material, and let me tell you is completely scam free... Now, I know why they call it a system, because Derek and the Internet Marketing Center team when all out on this time, him and his team teach you about every aspect and factors of Internet marketing that you should know about, when starting a successful online business. Plus, comes with all the tools and expert advice you need to make sure you start your business the right way.

The "Internet Wealth Explosion Training System" is perfect for beginners and advanced marketers that want to start a successful online business or want to grow to a new level their current business. The big different of this system is the amount of quality step-by-step video tutorial's and the tools you get free access to, which leave every other system out there out of the game... but, the amount of packages are limited. Some marketing products provide good information or a good business application, but with Internet Wealth Explosion you get all that and more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Derek Gehl is giving away 90 days to two of his membership sites, which are The Internet Entrepreneurs Club, and Bebiz. So, if you already a member of this two sites you will get 90 days of service free automatically. Let me tell you just this powerful bonus that you don't want to miss.

The package is really professional, which it was expected coming from the Internet Marketing Center the creators of the number one online marketing study course "Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online", which also I got it in a nice package. The DVD's are well done full with step-by-step tutorials that shows you all the strategies they had learned and tune in the pass 10 years, but they only teach you what's proven to work right now and years to come, so you avoid all the let work and research needed to achieve such an expertise.

So, before you go and hire an Internet business couch or consultant that can cost you a minimum of $1,000 per day or hour... I know you most of you don't have that kind of money to invest, which makes this system the perfect one time investment for your online success, and avoid:

- Expensive start-up cost. - Low profit margin, and profit sharing partnerships. - Slow sales that can squeeze your bank account. - Procrastination and being discourage with the help of experts. - And low ROI or sales conversions.

I know usually the only entrepreneurs that can have these start-up benefits are those with a big investment budget. This is one of the reason many beginners have problem starting their own business with a successful rhythm that eventually will keep them from achieving their entrepreneurship dreams. That's why I decide to review this great training system because it has all the benefits of hiring your own Internet business couch plus all the tools and support every beginner need when starting a online base company.

Internet Wealth Explosion Training Videos.

The 16 DVD's tutorials are divided into 8 easy to follow levels, that after completion of each level makes you feel more confidence about starting your Internet business. Each level will take you by the hand on a journey of easy to understand videos... this videos will show you real life examples so you can relate with real online businesses, you get demonstrations for you to watch each step on action, plus every lesson is completely practical so you can build your new business as you watching theDVD's, and because this training is on video, you can pause and rewind or start a lesson from the beginning.

Derek Gehl had helped 1,000 of online entrepreneurs build theirs successful business that now are making over $100,000 per year and others over $2 million per year... They have so many successful customers like now top online marketer Rosalind Gardner the best selling author of "Super Affiliate Handbook", and many others marketers, see the secrets to their success for more testimonials, success stories, and tips on how they apply Derek's teaching.

This marketing videos will show:

- How to start without any business idea.

- How to create a business in a niche that you love.

- How to build a website with Bebiz and no HTML knowledge required.

Bebiz is an Internet business system design to automate the process of creating a money making website that is ready to take orders. This system will take care of everything from the look of your site, the salescopy, ecommerce or implementation of a credit card payments process, building an opt-in list, publishing your site to the web, making changes without the help of web programmers, tracking your web traffic and sales for result analysis, and more... For more information visit BeBiz.
- How to choose a product or service to sell online.

- How to generate a huge amount of targeted traffic to your web site that deliver sales.

- And how to turn that traffic into sales.

Now let's take a look at the Internet Wealth Explosion Video Levels so you can have an idea of what you can expect from them and I'll give you my personal review about each level as well:

Level 1: Advanced Marketing Research And Idea Validation.

Wow, it sound like you are going to study the moon, don't you think? Marketing research and the validation of your business idea is the most important think of any successful business, that's why Mr.Gehl make this videos the first ones of the 8 levels. Because you cannot do anything else before knowing if your idea is a profitable, and for those without one this level will help you find lucrative ideas that you will love to work on.

This level have you come out with a successful idea in no time, the research techniques are top notch that can help you analyze if an idea will be lucrative or not. Also, I like the different brainstorming tactics they use to get a list of hot ideas using your expertise, skills, and hobbies. Then you learn how to turn those ideas into an steady income.

Level 2: Product Creation, Acquisition, And Licensing.

This is one part of developing an Internet business that many entrepreneurs get stock, because they don't know how, when, or where to start. Also, not having an idea of what to sell online make you feel discourage to even try to find out how to do this. But, after you watching level 1 videos your move to level 2 videos is a walk in the park or a click in your TV remote control for those that don't like to walk much, Lol.... What I like about this level, is that you get every single way of getting a product ready to sell right now, not next year or nothing like that.

They talk about information products (ebook marketing) like digital books, other digital products like software, physical products, consulting, services that can be deliver online, affiliate programs, publishing for money, blogging, and much more. And you learn how to create your own one and keep 100% of the profits. And forget about writers block...

Level 3: Writing Scientific Salescopy To Convert Maximum Visitors Into Maximum Profits.

A lot of marketer tell you that traffic is the most important thing that will ensure your site or blogs success.... well, that's not entirely true, the most important thing is your ROI (return on investment) or conversions. What I mean with this is that the most important thing in your marketing is to get the best result possible from each of your campaigns and web site salescopy.

This videos will teach you the secrets and strategies use by the world tops copywriters like Joseph Sugarman, Dan Kennedy, Joe Vital, and others. Did you know that if you want one of these guys to write your landing page salescopy you would need to pay thousand's of dollars plus part of your gross profits, well in the Internet Wealth Explosion videos you will learn all these tactics as part of your training.

Learn how using the best headlines can increase your sales conversions up to 400% and even more, learn how to write salescopy like a pro, also you learn how to sell your products for more by increasing the perceive value of your offerings, learn how to build credibility with your visitors and increase your sales by using the right bonus, and more. Plus, you get IMC Salescopy Creator Software for free, this software will help you right your sales letters faster.

Level 4: Building A Powerful eCommerce WebSite.

I think the fact that Derek Gehl put together the "Internet Wealth Explosion Training System" with "BeBiz" which is an online application that can you build your own niche Internet business makes the IWE a really powerful marketing system... But, couldn't be complete if didn't provide a step-by-step video tutorial that teach you how to create a money making website that has an automatic e-commerce program that can take orders and deliver your product to your customer on autopilot. And this video is base on the BeBiz platform, so is even easier for you to build a site in less time.

You learn how to create your first web site without knowing anything about HTML, web design, and web development. You learn how to make your site ecommerce ready, how make your own professional images, how to set up an opt-in email list building campaign that gets the high conversion rates, how to use in a strategic way an "About Us" and "Contact Us" page that help you increase your responses, and much more...

In fact I learn a lot from their tested web design strategies, that already gave me some results in a few of my sites. They have some killer strategies here!

Level 5: Flooding Your Website With Buyers Using Google Adwords.

After all that Internet business development training and after your site is on the web, is time to start building traffic, but not just any type of web traffic, you need to to generate traffic that matters which is targeted visitors. And the faster way to do this is by using Google Adwords or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising. But with IWS you are going to learn what is call strategic Adwords Advertising, this is the real way to plan and execute all your Adwords or PPC advertising campaigns, here you are going learn how to attract qualify buyers and avoid tire-kickers... tire-kickers is an expression taken from the cars business, where is use to refer store visitors that are just looking around but they actually do kick the tire of the cars on the lot, and they're not buying.

You get a complete video tutorial on how to set up your Adwords account the right way and avoid mistakes that can cost you money, how to build a huge list of high response long tail keywords, learn advanced PPC and Adwords analytics that will help you tune your ROI (return on investment), also you learn the best PPC ad writing secrets to increase your clickthru. Plus, you get advanced strategies that will help you master geo-targeting, audio ads, and video PPC ads. By this point you should be starting getting a good amount of targeted web traffic to your site and even making some sales, that's why is good to start with an online advertising channel that delivers fast results like Adwords.

Level 6: Get Top Ten Rankings In Google, Yahoo, And MSN.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the main game in town when you refer to driving quality targeted web traffic to your site. Quality traffic means sending qualify visitors looking to buy a product like yours, this type of visitors are the ones that converts into sales, and Internet Wealth Explosion Training System have a complete DVD full of expert advice and industry secrets that aren't on any blog or course I read, the information is good for beginners and advanced marketers.

From the IWE site:

Recent studies by massive marketing intelligence firms have proven that someone who finds your website through an organic listing in one of the major search engines is SEVEN TIMES more likely to buy your product than visitors from paid advertising.

What I like about this video is their tips on how to really analyze your market before you start optimizing your website, because is not just about getting good visitors from keywords related to your niche or product, is about getting traffic from top search keywords that converts better.

They show you all the white hat SEO basics, but how the pros really do it. They start with strategic on-page optimization techniques, and strategic off-page optimization that can take your site to the top 10 organic results on the mayor search engines.

Level 7: Traffic Generation... Beyond The Search Engines.

Many entrepreneurs will love this video because it goes one step up on how to build traffic for any web site, so you don't have to depend on search engines and PPC. Don't get me wrong you need to know how to optimize your site for the search engines to get more and more targeted traffic and to build your brand. But, some of the techniques Derek and his team show in this video can bring a lot of qualify traffic to your site or blog, and also will increase your brand and authority in your niche, which can generate a flood of unlimited traffic with the power of referral marketing.

Some of the web site and blog traffic sources that IMC refer to in this video are:

- Advanced article marketing.
- Free viral Content .
- Advanced content syndication.
- Blogging traffic strategies.
- Ethical email marketing.
- Social Media Marketing.

I always said, don't rely in one source of traffic or income...

Level 8: Analytics - Testing And Tracking To Maximize Your Sales Conversions.

This Internet business development and marketing factor is a big one for me... Yes, testing and tracking results makes a big impact on each part of your overall marketing plan and strategy, plus your whole business plan as well. Knowing how to test your marketing campaign the right way can help you understand better your visitors, make the right changes to increase response, and if you know exactly what to do with your analytic data you can tune your message and increase conversions and take your online business to the next level.

The video teach everything you need to know about split testing and tracking, did you know that a simple change can increase you conversions up to 400% using the same salescopy with a few modifications. But, to do this you need to learn how to really analyze your site metrics, the tutorial goes over all those aspects.

Plus, you also learn about the "establish control conversion" technique, you will learn about the best analytics softwares for you, how to run a proper test so you can make accurate management decisions about your marketing, how to track every aspect of your prospect visits and sale, learn which advertising campaigns are giving you the highest response.

The Internet Wealth Explosion take all the guess work for you and teach you how to get the real information that will help you race your ROI.

What about the other 8 DVD's.
Here is what you get to learn after graduating from the first 8 training levels:

- Graduated DVD 1: 52 Ways To Turn Your Expertise Into Profits.

- Graduated DVD 2: Advanced Website Secrets That Increase Conversions Rates.

- Graduated DVD 3 And 4: Advanced Search Marketing Secrets The Experts Don't Want You To Know.

- Graduated DVD 5: Using Email Marketing To Drive Traffic, Build Relationships And Increase Sales.

- Graduated DVD 6: Advanced Pay-Per-Click Advertising And Affiliate Program Secrets.

- Graduated DVD 7: How To Capitalize On Web 2.0 Trends Without Getting Caught In Media Hype.

- Graduated DVD 8: Derek's No-Holds-Barred, Spill His Guts, Advanced Internet Marketing Tell-All Session.

Also don't forget that you get free 90 days of consulting with unlimited questions through the Internet Entrepreneurs Club. This mean you can enjoy one-on-one marketing conversations with:
* Niche marketing experts
* Business & profit model design pros
* Sales website design experts
* Product development and sourcing experts
* Copywriting pros
* Search engine marketing experts
* PPC specialists
* Email marketing experts
* Blogging experts
* Affiliate program specialists
... Plus many, many more!

Plus you also get some cool Internet marketing software tools as bonus which include:

- 60-Second Salesletters.
- eBook Pro Secure Publishing Software.
- Hover Ads Creator.

Plus, a free portable DVD player... So, you can watch the Internet Wealth Explosion Training videos while setting up your business on your computer.

The only draw back is that they only have a limited amount of packages and the price may not be an easy one to meet for some beginners, IWE is selling for $997 (different payment methods available). But, you if you do, let tell you, you won't need any other training product, because this one covers everything.

Other Recommended Resources.

- Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online. 2008 Version.
- Work From Home Course. New! By Ewen Chia.
- Search Marketing Lab. Updated Daily.
- Newbie Cash Machine.

In Conclusion: I completely recommend you to get your own copy of Internet Wealth Explosion Training System, is the last investment you will need for a long time... not for ever because as you know the Internet always changing, and marketers must change with it.
To your success,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant Massachusetts.

About Author: Luis Galarza is a respectable Internet Marketing and Small Business Consultant in the area of Leominster and Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Also, he had teach 100's of entrepreneurs how to make money online and offline without their own product.

A proud member of
- The International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs
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Josh Satelite Dish said...

Wow, Luis you really provide a complete review with a lot of details about a product, I know the Internet Marketing Center when Cory Ruld use to be the CEO, but I haven't get anything from them since 1999 when I purchase the "Insiders Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online" which by the way was one of the best training packges I ever got.... Now I was thinking to update mine with the 2008 version.

My Question is which one you recommend me, and money is not a problem for me, I just want to know if the new Internet Wealth Explosion will offer me more advanced strategies than the Insiders Secrets course.

Thanks again,


Affiliate Power Ads said...

Hi, my name Larry, and I have the 2007 version of the Insiders Secrets and is a great bible of Internet marketing. I recommend you to invest in the new Internet Wealth Explosion system, I would If I had the budget right now... I hope they open it for sale again when I get the cash, lol...

3 good reasons, interactive video training, niche business builder for beginners, and unlimited business support and consultation for 90 days or more if you continue with the membership.

Just go for it...


Luis Galarza said...

Thank you for your comments. Josh, about your question on which training package is better for you. I have to said the "Internet Wealth Explosion Training System". Because it have everything the "Insider Secrets" can teach and more on video, plus you get Bebiz and the Internet Entrepreneurs Club for 90 days free, this alone worth the money.

But, also if you already have something establish online or offline and you just want to upgrade your Internet marketing knowledge, then the "Insiders Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online" is the best program to go for.

Hope this help in your decisions.

Thanks again for your comment,

To Your Success,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Marketing For The Poor.

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