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What Is Killing Your Article Marketing Success And How To Fix It [Poll Results]

A new market research poll showcase what's killing your article writing efforts and together your content marketing success. The study was done by Squidoo, where 1213 people respond to the question "what is stopping your from writing articles?"

Here is the poll results:

39.7% - Answered they don't know what to write about!
28.2% - Said they don't know how to write an effective article.
22.5% - Answered that they don't have enough time.
9.6% - Said they don't like to write period...
Total Responses: 1213

Do you fall in any of this responses? As you can see not really knowing what to write about is the top obstacle in your path to having a successful content development journey... But, we also know, that for many of you are going to fall in more than one of this writing walls, not just writing blocks.

Content Creation Tips.

Here is what you can do to bypass this obstacles and see those articles seeds grow like beautiful flowers on the middle of Spring!

Solution # 1: The answer to your problem is in you, make a list of the things you like, love, you have passion about, things you are interested to learn more about, your skills, and previous jobs, all this elements can help you find your true passion in writing, so don't limit yourself, just write about anything you want and let the creator grown in you. If you don't have a business or blog yet, this exercise can help you find your targeted niche.

Solution # 2: Forget trying to be the next Shakespeare or Darren Rose, just write like you are talking, imaging yourself answering a question from a friend, this way your article will flow better and will have your personality on every phrase.

Solution # 3: If you don't the time, then I recommend you to outsource your content development by hiring other writers to do the hard work for you, the best freelancers can be found on Elance, oDesk, and Guru.com, but if you are in a small budget then I recommend you to check out Fiverr, where you can outsource many services for only 5 bucks. But, be careful, because finding reliable freelancers on a Fiverr can be hard, plus the quality in poor to average, and you never know when they are going to quit without any notice.

Solution # 4: If you don't like to write at all, then you can follow the strategy mention on 'Solution # 3' or you can create content reach media like audios, videos, etc., and then take it to a transcript service to have the content in written format which you can use as your articles or blog posts.

A transcript service can be a little expensive, depending on quality, and size of the project, so if you prefer a low cost or even free way to do this, there is... Simply sign up for Google Voice service, then use your mobile phone or home phone to call your Google Voice number and leave a message for yourself with the content you are trying to write, then log in back in your GV account and like magic you have all your message transcribe automatically, and done is ready for you to use!...

More Tips.

When writing your content remember to follow this simple steps:

- Research.
- Create.
- Proof read.
- Leave it along.
- Proof read again.
- Publish.
- Syndicate.

Books For Better Content Development.

Here some great books you can read to help you improve and boost your article writing and marketing skills faster:

So, remember to list your knowledge, find your passion and niche, outsource if necessary, and follow good information creation plan to help you get the most out of your time.

To your writing success,

Luis Galarza,
Local Marketing in Massachusetts.

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