Monday, April 13, 2009

Product Creation Secrets Behind Street Fighter Movies Failures

By Luis Galarza - Internet Business Strategies.

Do You Think The Street Fighter Movies Failure's Can Teach You Some Product Creation Secrets?

Well, let see! If you are familiar with the Street Fighters classic video games, cartoon show, and comics, you may already know that the franchise released two movies one in 1994 starting one of the top action actors in that time Jean Claud Van Dann, and the second one was release this year (2009) title "Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li". Both films make money, but didn't hit the jockpot like they expected, which was really estrange, because the games are one of the most popular video games in the world and are consider classic collectibles.

Now is time for the good strategies and the bad strategies!

Good Product Development Secrets.

Something good you can learn from their movies failures is that they created multiple type of products that could be sold to the same and larger targeted fan based, all from one single product "The Video Game". First they turn the game into a comic, then they broadcast the TV show all over Japan and the U.S.. And them when they saw that the buzz about the franchise was still strong they decide to make a film.

This is great advice for any new or advanced online marketer who are focus on information products publishing and software development.

For example, as an infoproduct publishing company you can create an ebook or report, them after or during transaction you can offer your customers the opportunity to buy the video tutorial to get step by step demonstrations, also you can develop the software that will make the whole process even easier for your students, and why stop their, now you gut the opportunity to offer a membership base service where you and your team will do all the dirty work for them and make things way more easy. You see the picture... all started with one product!

Quote: "A successful product is never successful until you expand the profit
possibilities of such a product."
Luis Galarza :-)

Well, as yo can see you can apply this same strategies to expand the profit generation potential of a product or service. Like Donald Trump said "Think Big, Think Expansive".

So Why The Movies Fail!

There can be different factors, and many experts will try to go deep into the analytic part of the situation, which is is completely irrelevant to what really happened. The movies failure can happened to any kind of information product like ebooks, reports, video tutorials, teleclasses, webcast, podcast, etc., they fail because the creators or publishers didn't provide what their audience wanted.

In the game, the comic, the TV show the main characters were Ryu and Ken, so when fans heard about the production of a movie they got exited, they were waiting for a long time, they when to watch it, and BOOM! The movie crash against the ground because they completely change the story that everyone already knew, and was expecting to see, but instead they got a different plot that put the main characters in second or even third place inside the story. let me tell you that was a killer... The movie was good if it had a different name, not Street Fighter.

Then 2009 comes with another episode of the film that offer another B.S. story, and killed the potential of the product.

Here is exactly what help the movies fail:

1. - Not enough market research.

2. - Not giving what their customers wanted.

3. - Not listening to their current customers.

4. - Not knowing how to spot opportunities from current data.

5. - Bad risk management.

6. - Trying to reinvent the product idea without strong market data.

Secrets To Fix This Developing Problem.

Well done market research is crucial to the success of any Internet marketing campaign or online business idea. Also, you need to learn how to manage the risk, how to analyze the data, and how to spot or find hiding opportunities inside your niche or company. Some thing you can do to help you in your product creation process are:

- Surveys to current customers and leads to know how to improve your offerings, and see what else they want you to provide.

- Polls on site are a fast way to get instant feedbacks on different topics.

- Social networks, leverage the large amount of people in top networks to gain market insights.

- Keyword research, from organic search results and PPC advertising.

- Ask for testimonials to know what people like about your product, so you improve other things.
- Research feedbacks and customer service inquiries to better understand the need of your audience.

- Keep in top of trade news to spot new trends that may help you find ideas to improve your current product or to come out with new ones, depending on where the market is moving to.

Product creation can be simple if you know the secrets to provide exactly what your potential customers want. So, even if you don't have money to invest on research, is OK, the web is now full of free and low cost services that can be use to research a niche based on keyword search counts, hot web topics, news, etc.. you can use tools like the free Wordtracker tool for top search keywords, Affiliate Elite to spy on your competition PPC campaings and more, and IE Club.

Recommended Resources.

- Search Engine Marketing Lab: Unlimited SEO/PPC Advice.
- Cashmaps Print Newsletter. Copy these Online Business Models.
- Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business Online. Complete eMarketing Course.

Remember to always do keyword research and to keep a file with all the results you get. This is essential to help you come out with new ideas for porduct, articles, and new Internet business ventures.

Here a good video that will open your mind about the furute of product placement, creation, and effective marketing through social media:

Hope you enjoy the video and the post, if you have any question or want to share your own opinion please just click on the comment link below this post and express yourself.

To your success,

Luis Galarza,

Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.


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Dave Dinino said...

Nice stuff man, your article really gave me a new way to think about new product from my current product.

I wrote a small report which is doing good, but I got stock... i didn't what to do next, well now I know!

Thanks a million for such a good post.

Dave Dinino

Joe K said...

Good post, I have a big problem developing my first product, your advice helped me a lot, I love your article Information Products Marketing, you clear a lot of holes there.


Joe K

Marcus L said...

Luis I like the way you put together this article, excellent points about the marketing strategy behind the Street Fighters franchise... And I agree with you as how they fail to make the movies big enough.

Keep sharing good stuff...

Marcus L

Marketing Resource said...

I don't know too much about the movie but I have to said your information is very good at explaining how to avoid some mistakes that can occur when developing a new product or re-launching a current one!

Great info Luis..

Rony Donnovan

Anonymous said...

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