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MarketMeSuite: 16+ Reasons Why To Use This Free Social Media Marketing Tool

MarketMeSuite Free Social Media Tool For Business Owners!

I have to admit it, I love using different type of free social media marketing tools like MarketMeSuite to manage my Twitter and Facebook accounts (still looking for a good tool for Google+), because it just makes your life way easier. Some social media tools let you manage and schedule future updates which is great to automate the process and help you use your time intelligently.

But, MarketMeSuite takes this approach to another level, which works excellent for your marketing, branding, and social media strategy... This is why they got feature on so many top websites like Klout, Mashable, OurSocialTimes, OneForty, etc..

Why To Use This Tool.

Here a few of the reasons I think it makes MarketMeSuite standout:

1. They don't just give you a management app, it gives you a complete set of features that are great to help you market your brand and company the right way by help you participate on relevant conversations, increase your followers, and expose your brand to your targeted audience.

2. You can grant access to unlimited number of administrators or team members to help you manage several businesses, all from one single interface.

3. It has built it online reputation management features so your can monitor your brand mentions from different networks, this is excellent to enter in the conversation and engage with customers, fans, and prospects at the right time.

4. This is one of the only social tools out there that let you add many Twitter and Facebook account for you to manage from one single platform. This mean, no more confusion and time savings.

5. MarketMeSuite integrates offline software with the online cloud, this mean that you do all your work on the app install in your computer, but all your information gets automatically sync and store on the cloud, so you can get access to your data from everywhere.

6. It help you save a lot of time by letting you schedule future updates that can be post on Facebook or Twitter anytime you want, and you can schedule unlimited number of status updates.

7. Now you can also post and manage your LinkedIn account to help you make the best from that network, which is full of professionals that can become your partners, fans, and prospects.

8. You can also you use their RSS automated tweet, to help you tweet your blog posts, website updates, and any other content directly to your Twitter profile. Also you can add Prefix and Suffix to customize each post.

9. Let you post not only on your Facebook profiles but also on unlimited number of Fan Pages. This is excellent to manage all your Pages form one spot, you can post and follow up with those engaging with your brand.

10. MarketMeSuite is completely integrated with Klout and PeerIndex so you can easily check your social media and influence score on both of these tools.

11. It doesn't matter how many Facebook account, Twitter profiles and Pages you have you can automatically schedule post for all them, which can help you increase your web traffic on a daily basics.

12. It has the best interface to turn your social profiles into your own online customer support desk. You can create support tickets or twickets using their Zendesk to manage customer concerns.

13. You can use the Google Calendar feature to help you schedule tweets through your mobile devices (iPhone, Android, or Blackberry). You just a new post to your Google Calendar and will automatically be schedule to be post on your profiles.

14. This must be the best Twitter management tool on the market, because it let you see your friends updates, mentions, replies, etc.. You can delete messages, manage groups and more...

Image from

15. Now you can find and interact with local users using their Geo-Targeting feature. This one is one of my favorites, because already helped me find many new local clients.

16. This app is also an excellent and very easy to use content curation tool (Not as as CurationSoft). You can just dot the content you want to curate and categorize it and share it...

Here is a good review of MarketMeSuite that can help you see an over the shoulder demo so you can make a better decision:

I hope you found the video useful.

Other great management tools, but not as powerful:

Now the question is: What are you waiting for to download and use this great internet marketing and social media tool.

Best regards,

Luis Galarza,
Local Online Marketing Specialist.

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