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Top 20 Article Marketing Tips For Better Branding And Authority

Tips to improve your content!

Developing an expert status is a great way to increase brand exposure and build your online authority, and there is not better way to develop your expert status than writing unique quality articles and submit them to high traffic text content directories like EzineArticles.

1 * Become a purple cow: Your article must be original and show your personality, or don't try to copy the style from other authors because it lower your web authority.      

2 * Target in your readers, by keeping your content focus on solving your audience problem. Most articles don't get any responses when it doesn't deliver value to the reader.

3 * Bad surprises can get your readers up set. So, avoid trying to surprise your readers with misleading titles or headlines. Just tell them what they are going to learn in the content.
4 * Don't waist your readers time. Plus if you want to get the best responses and increase click-through rates give them only one call-to-action.
5 * Learn from other good actor by reading other articles. When you do it keep close attention to the titles they use, the theme and subject that you like then add what you learn to your content.
6 * Proof reading your content is a must, but don't rely only on the system spell checker. Try to check for grammar and other type of errors, also is good to write the content on a word precessing software before submitting it, and have someone else read it is a plus.
 7 * Concentrate on writing the information and not what you are going to do with it. This way you won't get side tracked and keep your mind focus on the topic.
8 * Avoid getting your readers bored by trying different content themes, this way you will always present the information in a new original style.
9 * Make sure your author resource box is always focus on selling the 'click here' call-to-action message so each piece of content you put out there will deliver the most traffic.
10 * One great way to increase traffic to your article is by tweeting or posting little part of the content (tweet size) on a regular basics on Twitter. Make sure to add the link to the actual content.
11 * Put your creative hat and always keep an innovative look when writing new information. Create to ways to present your story to your audience.
12 * If you are looking for new content ideas, don't look any further. Repurpose your old content to create new information by rewriting your blog posts, discussion groups tips, Facabook notes, tweets, etc.. Also, you can turn your media like video or podcast into written information.
13 * Make your Personality shine in your articles. Distributing quality content is not enough, you need to make sure it has a unique voice in them and the information is useful.
14 * Don't let writers or bloggers block get you behind. Is always good to get some air then think of a subject and an outline then the content will come to you.

15 * Is always good to keep an eye on your close competitors. One easy way to do this is to subscribe to their articles and blog RSS, that way you can see what they are writing about and if you can add to it or create something better.

Smart Tips:

16 * Remember that aren't perfect so learn from your mistakes to improve your content and your business. Also, why not writing information about your mistake to help other with the same problem or before they make the same error.
17 * Online your content represents your personal and business brand, and in most cases your content would be the first contact you are going to have with your audience, so make sure you give a good first impressions! Build your expert status with quality content.
18 * Make sure to avoid slams or made up words on your content and in your title. Nobody will take you seriously if you use those type of spelling errors.       
19 * One word that help Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and other successful people to become the best at what they did or do, this word is PRACTICE, and then PRACTICE more!
20 * Write down some realistic writing goals. Don't set goals like writing 100 articles in one day, because we know that's not going to happen. What you need is to set goals that are easy for your to achieve and then set an action plan for them.

So, what's the next step? Is simple, set some time and start writing content right away. Just make sure to focus when you are in the zone so you don't loose track of the story you are trying to create.

To your publishing success,

Luis Galarza,
Internet Marketing Specialist.

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4. Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.

5. Be forgiving of yourself and others.

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