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One Easy Keyword Research Tactics For Article Marketing

So, how can you do keyword research to prepare articles a great content submission and syndication marketing campaign?

Is actually very simple!

One of the best ways to do keyword research for articles before submit them to the high traffic content directories and receive massive attention, then you have to treat "Google" as your best marketing tool.

Syndicating or distributing written articles to different web channels is a very good way to get whatever it is you want to get the word out of, to the large audience and if is done right attract a great amount of targeted visitors to your website or blog.

Creating and distributing helpful or quality unique articles could be the one of the best Internet marketing strategies that turns your website or blog visitors into a loyal fans and regular customers.

Of course if you want to take that relationship to the next level, you need to apply strategic list building techniques to gather prospect emails for future follows ups and educational newsletter. This is the best way to turn leads and customers into long term fans. If you want to learn how to apply in-house email marketing check:

Getting a lot of web traffic is not healthy for you conversions, the first step to increase your web conversion rates is to generate targeted traffic. What you want is new prospects who join your newsletter or who actually
physically buy from you on the spot, or come back for more of your quality information.

The author resource box is your way to off-site SEO (search engine optimization) and for instant traffic so don't forget add it to every written and submitted articles. It contains links to the website you want the article to promote. These links feed the search engines and improve the ranking of your website.

TIP: Your resource box need to sell the click. So, what ever you are promoting on it must be relevant and an extension to the content on the article.

Also, you need to know that more than 10,000 articles are posted hourly in the largest article directory on the web, I'm talking about ( ), getting
yours noticed becomes a project.

One of the ways to make sure that your content gets the attention that deserve is by performing keyword research, you have to know precisely what your audience are looking for on search engines, mainly Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

When using Google search means that you don't have to use any advanced techniques, software or other anything else. However, there are several different software and web services (apps) available to facilitate ease of research.

Like Chris the found of EzineArticles said "Article marketing is all a numbers game", this means that one article will have very little effect, so to get the most out of this promotion strategy your need to create content regularly. But, if spend all your time researching keywords the less time you will have available to write.
A great way to save lots of time in the research process is by using Google to determine a generic search. For instance if you are selling "laser printers" search these words.

Now write down the key-phrases most mentioned on the top ten pages. Then go a little deeper and add a name to your results, for example "Lexmark Laser Printers" and repeat the process.

These two searches results will be the main part of your initial keyword list, and is definitely a way to get your article started.

Here is a great quote for you, if you think you aren't good at writing:

"It took me fifteen years to discover I had no talent for
writing, but I couldn't give it up because by that time I
was too famous."

- By Robert Benchley

OK, so no excuses and write down a plan and a schedule, then put it into action. Focus action and tracking the performance of those marketing actions is the only way to know if your plan worked, if it didn't, change it until you hit the jack pot!

To your writing success,

Luis E Galarza,
Internet Business Specialist.

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