Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twitter In Plain English - Video

By Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Tips.

What's Twitter And How To Use It? Here Is The Answer In Plain English!

Like I said before Twitter is going to be big on 2009 and beyond so is very imperative for online and even offline entrepreneurs and business owners to open one of those free accounts and just unleash your tweets to the world, or even better to your target audience and potential business partners.

Before I continue I would recommend you to watch the next video specially for those new to the service, enjoy is really informative:

I hope you have fun watching the "Twitter In Plain English" video, and i hope you learn how it works and how to use it.

Truth About Twitter For Entrepreneurs.

Yes, maybe you heard what every other marketer is telling you, that Twitter is the ultimate online social conversation tool. Hey that's fine if you are some one without a real offline live, but for those busy entrepreneurs, this definition is only telling you that micro-blogging is just another useless way to waste your time on the Internet... Useless if is not productive!

I mean come on why in earth you or your company wants to use a web 2.0 or social media tool like micro-blogging if not going to provide any type of positive results for your company. Your in business to achieve your goals and to do that your business needs to be profitable, specially in a down economy like the one we are right now. Constant revenue is important, but steady profits is even more important.

So, as a small business owner you want to focus your Internet marketing on campaign and mediums that have the best bang for your buck or in other terms, campaign with the best ROI or return on investment possible, not on general "I hope it o works" marketing strategies.

Is Twitter Good For Businesses?

Yes, it is! When is use right... Focus on sharing quality web content relevant to your niche, remember is about to built relationships with people that can become viral carriers of your message, can become leads, future customers, and potential joint venture partners. You can increase your blog traffic with this service, just make sure to use it ethical.

To get unlimited consultation time about Twitter marketing strategies visit the IE Club.

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In Conclusion: Try to tide your tweets to anything relevant to your company and niche, this way your followers will be targeted. And you know that targeted prospects deliver the best responses.

Your free marketing adviser,

Luis Galarza, Internet Marketing Consultant In Massachusetts.

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Thomas M said...

Wow! nice article, I'm new to web marketing, I have a business offline for about 7 years and i thing is time to take it to the web, and heard about twitter, but I didn't know the how or if something that is going to really help my business.

I think you clear all right here, thank you. And thanks for sharing such a good video.

Thomas M

Zac D said...

Indeed Twitter is the tool of 2009 and as you said entrepreneurs need to learn how to use this microblogging tool the right way to gain the best responses possible.

Now that also depends of what are your goals from this service...

Zac D

Zac Efron said...

Nice guide to twitter, I not a entrepreneur just yet, maybe later... Right now money is not really a problem, but I think I should learn some web marketing for a change...

Great blog...

Zac Efron

Jose Gomez said...

Will be good if you post an article about how to use Twitter to make money online, or if if can be done.

Jose Gomez

Carl T said...

I don't care if it is a waste of time... Twitter Rocks!!!... Nice post and video.

Keep talking the tweets man, i like your way of social marketing.

Carl T

Matt Dillon said...

I luv stupid Twitter, i like it to find new stuff that usually I wouldn't find by myself.

Also you can learn a lot from people's quotes, and blogs.

Twitter is here to stay, at least for now :-)

Matt Dillon

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